Top 7 Video Games For Children Ages 5 8

Top 7 Video Games For Children Ages 5 - 8
Many parents worry about the​ video games available to​ children today with all the​ violence .​
However,​ many of​ the​ most popular games of​ today are non-violent and educational – a​ parent’s dream! If you have a​ 5 to​ 8 year old and are not sure which video games for is​ the​ best,​ check out this list:
7 .​
Super Monkey Ball
Children will love the​ monkeys in​ this game that maneuvers through mazes .​
Enclosed in​ see-through balls,​ the​ kids work the​ monkeys through different levels that become more difficult the​ longer you play .​
the​ controls for the​ movement of​ the​ game are very easy for even the​ littlest hands .​
This game helps your child develop quick reflexes and understand strategy .​
In competition mode,​ up to​ four kids can play each other.
6 .​
Backyard Soccer
Backyard Soccer allows kids to​ pick teams from an​ animated bunch of​ players .​
They will love the​ action packed sports excitement of​ the​ game as​ they play realistic soccer games against other teams .​
Non-violent yet fun,​ Backyard Soccer teaches your child the​ importance of​ team spirit and being a​ team player.
5 .​
Sponge Bob Square Pants: the​ Movie
If you have children of​ different ages,​ Sponge Bob Square Pants: the​ Movie is​ a​ great game because you can set the​ level of​ difficulty .​
Suspecting Mr .​
Krabs has stolen King Neptune’s crown,​ Sponge Bob and Patrick set off on​ a​ journey to​ Shell City to​ retrieve the​ crown .​
Children can play as​ Sponge Bob or​ Patrick in​ a​ great adventure game that will interest them for hours on​ end.
4 .​
Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing is​ a​ real time game,​ meaning that the​ clock coordinates with the​ real clock so the​ sun rises and sets at​ the​ same time .​
Seasons also change .​
the​ little ones get to​ fish,​ earn bells (the village currency),​ work in​ the​ garden,​ socialize with neighbors,​ and furnish their own house – all in​ a​ village setting .​
Characters can be transferred from one game system to​ another by using a​ memory card,​ so you child can share their character with their friends .​
the​ village starts small but grows as​ both people and animals move in​ and out .​
Older games such as​ Donkey Kong can be played,​ but only by doing favors for other members of​ the​ village .​
the​ game not only teaches children to​ share and cooperate with others,​ but it​ also helps with reading and writing .​

3 .​
Pajama Sam 3
Children will love helping Pajama Sam as​ he makes his way through the​ human body and parents will love it​ for its educational value .​
Children learn to​ problem solve by helping Pajama Sam as​ he tries to​ collect box tops and battles the​ evil Cookie Gang .​
In addition,​ there are nutritional lessons included in​ the​ game .​
Pajama Sam 3 helps children develop their logical thinking and memory skills by involving them in​ riddle solving .​
In addition,​ learning about empathy,​ compromise,​ and table manners makes this a​ great game for children that parents will love.
2 .​
the​ Chronicles of​ Narnia: the​ Lion,​ the​ Witch,​ and the​ Wardrobe
If you children loved the​ movie,​ they will love this video game with all the​ familiar characters .​
This action-adventure game sets players in​ Narnia,​ where four young brothers and sisters,​ each with their own special strengths,​ have to​ work together to​ help defeat the​ White Witch and her army .​
Kids can explore secret locations,​ find hidden weapons,​ and meet new characters .​
One of​ the​ best parts is​ they can link up with their friends to​ play the​ game together .​
1 .​
While you would probably prefer your child to​ have a​ real dog,​ that is​ not always possible,​ but Nintendogs is​ the​ next best thing! Children can choose from different breeds of​ dogs including Labrador retriever,​ miniature schnauzer,​ toy poodle,​ corgi,​ miniature pinscher,​ and shiba .​
They learn what it​ actually takes to​ care for a​ puppy,​ including playtime with flying discs and balls to​ help the​ puppy’s agility .​
They can bath the​ puppy,​ pet it,​ walk it​ around the​ town,​ and buy additional supplies for the​ puppy .​
Once they earn enough cash,​ they can even buy more puppies .​
Voice commands can be used to​ train the​ puppy to​ do tricks .​
Children will love that they can interact wirelessly with friend and their Nintendogs .​
This game is​ great for teaching responsibility and compassion for animals.
No matter what video games your children play,​ make sure that you occasionally watch to​ see exactly what is​ going on​ in​ the​ games and that it​ is​ something you want them to​ have .​
You might even play the​ games yourself – you will find most of​ these games very addicting!

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