Top 5 Benefits Of Earning An Online Degree

Top 5 Benefits Of Earning An Online Degree

in​ just over a​ decade, the Internet has turned online education​ into a​ booming industry. The majority of​ colleges and​ universities now offer some form of​ distance learning as​ part of​ their curriculum. Enrollment is​ soaring, as​ more and​ more people recognize the value of​ an​ online degree.

Why are online degree programs so popular? Here is​ the top five benefits enjoyed by distance learning students at​ Almeda University.

1. Convenience
The most obvious benefit of​ earning an​ online degree is​ convenience. Students can “attend” classes from the comfort of​ their own homes, at​ a​ time that works for​ them. The time saved by not having to​ commute to​ a​ physical campus can be devoted to​ more valuable pursuits, such as​ studies or​ other personal priorities.

2. Flexibility
Self-paced learning allows students to​ schedule their study times around family, work and​ social commitments. Just as​ flexible work scheduling and​ telecommuting are cherished employee benefits in​ many companies today, flexible class scheduling makes online learning especially appealing to:

•single parents
•busy professionals
•remotely located students

and​ with Almeda University’s Life Experience program, students can receive credit toward their degrees for​ previous class work, as​ well as​ work and​ volunteer experience – what could be more flexible than that?

3. Economy
The cost of​ earning an​ online degree is​ substantially less than the tuition​ charged by a​ traditional college or​ university – and​ the savings do not end there. Add in​ the cost of​ gas, car maintenance, and​ meals on​ the go, and​ you​ will find that the savings for​ distance learners is​ significant indeed.

4. Variety
The selection​ of​ courses offered by online universities is​ comparable in​ numbers and​ variety to​ those offered by a​ traditional learning institution. Now, students who are located far from large cities or​ college campuses can enjoy a​ diverse curriculum, just like those who attend a​ physical university.

5. Communication
Although it​ may seem counter-intuitive, students who participate in​ online classes actually have greater opportunity for​ direct communication​ with teachers and​ students than those who attend classes in​ a​ traditional college. Instead of​ being limited by class or​ office hours, students have direct communication​ access via email or​ message boards at​ any time of​ the day. Electronic communication​ can be especially helpful for​ shy or​ reserved students, who can take the time to​ develop articulate questions and​ responses without the pressure of​ a​ live audience.

With Bachelors, Masters and​ Doctoral degree programs in​ Arts, Sciences, Business Administration, and​ more, Almeda University fills a​ growing need among mature students for​ distance learning, with credit for​ life experience, at​ a​ cost far below traditional learning institutions.

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