Top 10 Green Tea Benefits

Top 10 Green Tea Benefits
Green tea have been present since ancient times. ​
According to studies, compared to any other drink, green tea give several benefits to health. ​
Chinese have the knowledge on​ how medicinal green tea can be. ​
it​ can be the answer for​ almost every ailment from physical to mental or​ emotional problems. ​
this​ has been the secret ingredient for​ a​ longer life passed down by the Chinese. ​
Green tea have been helping numerous ailing people for​ almost 4,000 years now.
Drinking green tea is a​ traditional treatment. ​
But even so, it’s paving its way into helping out a​ lot of​ people regarding their weight, diet and​ ​ health. ​
There are a​ lot of​ studies that shows how green tea has inhibited or​ reduced the growing risk of​ cancer.
China’s health history was pretty much a​ breakthrough because of​ green tea. ​
it​ is considered as​ a​ very important historical plant that can from the leaves of​ the Camellia Sinensis and​ ​ is produced through special processing.
What so special about green tea? The secret lies in​ catechin​ polyphenols which contains a​ very powerful antioxidant called epigallocatechin​ gallate EGCE. ​
this​ specialized antioxidant not only inhibits cells causing cancer but also kills it​ in​ the process without even harming adjacent healthy tissues. ​
it​ has also been proven that green tea can be very effective in​ decreasing cholesterol levels and​ ​ inhibits the abnormal accumulation​ of​ blood clots.
Aside from those mentioned above, here are some of​ the numerous benefits derived from green tea.
1. ​
Researchers have claimed that green tea can be the reason​ for​ cancer prevention​ and​ ​ even the treatment of​ disease.
2. ​
Can be able to teat cardiovascular diseases and​ ​ rheumatoid arthritis.
3. ​
Reduces the risk of​ the effects of​ esophageal cancer.
4. ​
Used traditionally to treat multiple sclerosis.
5. ​
Treat immune function​ that is impaired.
6. ​
Used to prevent having Parkinson’s and​ ​ Alzheimer’s disease.
7. ​
it​ is claimed through intensive research that daily consumption​ of​ green tea can prevent tooth decay. ​
it​ is found out that green tea can fight and​ ​ kill bacteria that are one of​ the leading causes of​ plaque. ​

8. ​
it​ can result to decreased risk of​ heart attacks and​ ​ heart diseases by reducing thrombosis formation.
9. ​
Improves the ratio of​ good cholesterol against bad cholesterol.
10. ​
Lastly, it​ is said to increase fat oxidation​ and​ ​ metabolism inside the body. ​
That is why it​ is used by many who wanted to lose weight without even compromising the health.
The difference of​ green tea apart from other Camellia Sinensis plant extracts is the way it​ is processed. ​
Leaves of​ green tea are steamed or​ brewed that gives more reason​ for​ EGCG not to be oxidized. ​
Black tea, on​ the other hand, is made through fermentation. ​
The process of​ fermenting the leaves of​ black tea can covert EGCG into compounds that aren’t even close to the effectiveness of​ the original compounds found in​ green tea in​ terms of​ fighting and​ ​ preventing numerous diseases.
Caffeine in​ green tea?
Aside from its many advantages, green tea can have one slight socalled disadvantage and​ ​ that is its caffeine content. ​
Caffeine can cause a​ sleeping disorder that makes a​ person​ experience difficulty in​ sleeping which is also known as​ insomnia.
However, compared to coffee, green tea has less caffeine. ​
With proper consumption, people can decreased the undesired caffeine content in​ their green tea.
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