Tips To Help Your Dog Sleep Through The Night

Tips To Help Your Dog Sleep Through The Night

Barking. Whining. Destructing furniture. Your hyperactive pooch's lack of​ sleepiness may be the​ cause of​ your restless nights.

Though most dogs sleep from 10 to​ 14 hours a​ day,​ some tend to​ be off schedule with your sleep time due to​ lack of​ routine,​ hyperactivity or​ anxiety.

Pluto Pet,​ maker of​ natural supplements for pets,​ offers the​ following tips to​ help your dog - and you​ - have a​ restful night.

* Make sure your dog gets well-balanced meals. the​ first step to​ healthy sleep is​ a​ healthy diet. According to​ the​ American Kennel Club,​ puppies need more calories and essential nutrients than adult dogs. For this reason,​ you​ should choose foods specially formulated for puppies. Adult dogs should be fed according to​ their size and energy needs.

* Give your pet a​ relaxing supplement. to​ quickly and effectively calm your canine down,​ some veterinarians suggest giving your dog a​ calming product,​ such as​ Pluto Pet's Pet Calming Spray. After two to​ four squirts in​ your pet's mouth,​ Pet Calming Spray relieves restlessness,​ fear,​ nervousness and aggression,​ helping antsy pets sleep throughout the​ night. the​ spray meets all Food and Drug Administration guidelines for good manufacturing practices and causes no negative side effects.

* Provide your canine with an​ exercise routine. Help your pooch get rid of​ pent-up energy. Walk your dog at​ least twice a​ day and make sure you​ set aside time to​ play every day. Just like with humans,​ exercise helps dogs stay healthy.

* Set a​ bedtime. Put your dog to​ bed at​ a​ designated time every night. This will help your canine companion conform to​ your sleeping schedule. Make sure you​ give your pet the​ opportunity to​ go to​ the​ bathroom right before bedtime.

* Create a​ comfortable sleeping area. Provide your dog with a​ blanket,​ towel or​ pillow to​ sleep on. Whether your pet sleeps indoors or​ outdoors,​ the​ American Society for the​ Prevention of​ Cruelty to​ Animals says that enclosed areas,​ such as​ dog crates or​ dog houses,​ give many pets a​ sense of​ security and a​ sleeping spot to​ call their own.

Tips To Help Your Dog Sleep Through The Night

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