Tips For Buying Cheap Online Car Insurance And Getting A Free Online Car Insurance Quote

Smart shoppers can save money,​ buy cheap car insurance and get a​ reliable free online car insurance quote. the​ secret is​ to​ prepare before you​ log on​ to​ fill out the​ application.

Here are some tips from an​ experienced insurance shopper for getting the​ best deal:

1. Know your own driving record.

Insurance companies want the​ safest drivers as​ customers and charge a​ higher premium to​ drivers who have poor records.

Surprisingly often,​ a​ driver's moving violation history has been recorded inaccurately by the​ courts or​ the​ state motor vehicle department.

Contact the​ DMV in​ your state. For a​ list,​ go to​

Make sure your record is​ accurate before a​ car insurance company checks it​ and decides to​ reject your application or​ assign you​ a​ higher than necessary premium.

2. Know your consumer credit report score.

If you​ have a​ less than stellar credit rating,​ you​ can expect to​ pay more for online car insurance -- but don't spend a​ penny more than necessary!

Many consumers never know about the​ inaccurate information that blemishes their credit reports and results in​ their paying higher insurance premiums. Don't guess -- get the​ facts.

For information on​ how to​ get a​ free credit report from each of​ the​ three major credit reporting agencies,​ go to​

3. Know how much insurance you​ need.

Usually,​ personal liability and medical coverage are required,​ but the​ amounts can vary by state. Check with your state motor vehicle department to​ be sure.

The safest course is​ to​ buy the​ most insurance coverage you​ can afford. But if​ you're on​ a​ tight budget,​ you​ don't have to​ buy any more insurance than you're legally required to​ carry.

4. Beware the​ low-ball scam.

That's when a​ less-than-reputable company gives you​ an​ online car insurance quote that looks low but eventually isn't. you​ sign up,​ they collect your money,​ and a​ few months later demand a​ higher premium than originally quoted.

To avoid the​ low-ball scam,​ check with the​ industry companies,​ such as​,​ that rate car insurance providers. Don't buy from any insurer whose rating is​ lower than B. the​ higher a​ insurer's rating,​ the​ less likely it​ is​ to​ go out of​ business owing to​ insolvency,​ and the​ more reputable it​ probably is.

5. Etch your VIN.

Some insurers give a​ 10 or​ 15 percent discount on​ cars that have the​ vehicle identification number (VIN) etched into the​ windows. VIN-etched cars have a​ 64 percent lower theft rate than non-etched cars. an​ etched car that is​ stolen has a​ better than 85 percent chance of​ recovery.

Law enforcement authorities recommend VIN etching as​ a​ proven,​ effective deterrent to​ theft. the​ process is​ easy and takes as​ little as​ 15 minutes to​ etch the​ average car. Purchasing VINetcher,​ the​ do-it-yourself VIN Etching Kit,​ includes the​ option to​ register in​ the​ National Vehicle Identification Program for increased protection.

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