Time For Baby Shower Fun And Games

When you create the​ guest list for your baby shower,​ you will probably see that you have gathered together an​ eclectic group of​ family members,​ friends,​ neighbors,​ co-workers,​ church friends – most of​ whom won’t know each other! the​ best way to​ break the​ ice is​ to​ play a​ few baby shower games and get everyone laughing and comfortable.

Baby Shower Game - How Much Does it​ Cost?

From the​ local grocery store or​ drug store,​ gather together a​ grab bag of​ baby items – wipes,​ diapers,​ baby food,​ lotion,​ baby wash – and keep the​ receipt. When you get home,​ print up lists of​ everything in​ the​ bag,​ one for each guest,​ and leave a​ space for them to​ guess the​ price of​ each item. Everyone at​ the​ baby shower guesses the​ cost of​ each item and whomever comes closest to​ the​ correct total,​ wins a​ prize. the​ shopping bag,​ of​ course,​ goes to​ the​ mom to​ be.

Baby Shower Game 2 – Primetime Parenting

What are your family’s favorite shows? is​ it​ re-runs of​ Roseanne and Bewitched or​ the​ latest primetime sitcoms? For your baby shower,​ make a​ list of​ your favorite shows,​ leaving the​ correct number of​ blanks for the​ number of​ children in​ each show. Each guest at​ the​ shower tries to​ fill in​ all the​ blanks (correctly!) and the​ one with the​ most right answers,​ get a​ prize!

Baby Shower Game 3 – Feeding Time

If you’re having a​ hard time drawing the​ guy’s interest in​ your baby shower,​ try the​ Feeding Time game. Fill up one 4 ounce bottle for each male at​ the​ baby shower with a​ palatable drink,​ like juice. On your mark,​ each guy will drink from his bottle and not stop until it’s empty. Keep a​ stopwatch if​ you like or​ simply watch closely to​ see who finishes first. the​ one who does gets a​ prize!

Baby Shower Game 4 – Now I Know My ABCs…

On an​ index card or​ pieces of​ construction paper,​ write down one letter of​ the​ alphabet until you have a​ card for each letter. Each of​ the​ guests at​ your baby shower will pick a​ baby item that starts with their letter and turn it​ in​ to​ the​ host. Everyone guesses which item was chosen and the​ first one to​ answer correctly gets the​ card. the​ guest with the​ most cards at​ the​ end of​ the​ alphabet wins the​ game!

No matter what games you choose to​ play,​ make sure that everyone is​ included. a​ baby shower isn’t a​ party until everyone is​ laughing!

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