Thoughts On Running A Successful SEO Campaign

Thoughts On Running A Successful SEO Campaign

More often than not,​ the​ important aspects of​ launching a​ search engine optimization campaign have been ignored,​ resulting to​ an​ unsuccessful SEO project. Before getting started on​ your SEO project,​ you​ need to​ know the​ basics.

The Business Goal

A journey begins with the​ first step. However,​ do not forget that you​ must know where you’re going even before you​ take that first step. in​ SEO parlance,​ this means that you​ must know why SEO is​ being initiated and what the​ results you​ are trying to​ achieve through it.

There are many reasons which could lead a​ site owner to​ do SEO on​ his sites. it​ could be that he wants more subscribers to​ his service. it​ may also be that he is​ selling products and wants to​ increase his sales volume. Perhaps,​ the​ website is​ being used merely as​ an​ advertising medium for offline businesses so the​ main object is​ increasing the​ web traffic itself.

After determining the​ main goal of​ SEO,​ you​ can proceed much more confidently and be able to​ initiate steps appropriate to​ the​ goal.

The Project’s Timeframe

It is​ obvious that you​ should know how long you​ have got to​ institute changes and see results. Your client is​ paying you​ for results so you​ need to​ know how short or​ long a​ time-frame you​ have got to​ show results.

Know the​ Budget

Determining the​ budget is​ essential in​ any project. in​ the​ case of​ planning an​ SEO campaign,​ you​ should know how much your client is​ willing to​ pay for his SEO campaign so that you​ can plan your moves accordingly. After all,​ some SEO techniques are more expensive than others.

Responsibility Allotment

It is​ important to​ know who is/are responsible for the​ project. in​ particular,​ you​ need to​ know who will do what and if​ you​ will need to​ outsource some of​ your SEO requirements.

It is​ important to​ know whom you​ need to​ make a​ success to​ of​ the​ SEO campaign so that you​ can immediately acquire the​ necessary personnel. This will prevent delays in​ schedules and other problems.

Once you​ have settled all of​ the​ above crucial preparatory issues,​ you​ can undertake your SEO campaign. Here are some steps you​ should follow for a​ successful SEO campaign.

Determine if​ the​ search engine is​ compatible to​ the​ site

You need to​ undertake a​ search engine compatibility review. This involves comparing the​ codes of​ the​ site you​ are optimizing to​ the​ standards set by the​ search engines. This step is​ essential because if​ you​ want your client’s site to​ tope that ranks,​ the​ search engine must first be able to​ read your client’s site.

Analysis of​ the​ site’s compatibility to​ the​ search engine will require a​ technical review of​ the​ site’s codes: tags,​ file extensions,​ etc. From your analysis results,​ you’ll be able to​ know which of​ the​ design elements need some modification to​ make the​ site compatible with search engines.

Draw together what needs to​ be done for the​ project

After you​ have analyzed the​ site’s compatibility with your target search engine,​ you​ nee to​ institute changes that will make the​ site as​ search engine-friendly as​ possible. you​ may have to​ make changes on​ the​ site’s scripts.

You may change the​ site’s codes from HTML to​ Javascript. you​ may also need to​ change the​ file extensions used in​ the​ site’s contents and page elements. you​ may also need to​ overhaul the​ site’s design. There are a​ lot more changes you​ can do to​ site. Just remember that all these changes are all geared to​ give the​ site maximum optimization.

Draw up the​ SEO details

You also need to​ determine the​ little details that will achieve your optimization goals. you​ must establish the​ most logical keywords that you​ can use on​ the​ site. This will involve checking out the​ competition on​ keywords,​ trying out keyword variations and such. at​ this point,​ you​ will also determine what search engines you’re going to​ submit the​ site to​ so that you​ can fine-tune your optimization plan even further. By the​ way,​ do not forget to​ look at​ what the​ site itself is​ selling or​ what the​ site itself intends to​ accomplish.

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