Thinking Of Getting A Lhasa Apso Dog

One of​ the​ cutest looking dogs around is​ the​ Lhasa Apso. the​ puppies especially are just irresistible but before one decides to​ purchase a​ Lhasa just because the​ kids are begging for one,​ there are some things that should be known about this particular breed. Historically,​ Lhasa Apsos were kept by the​ monasteries and nobility in​ Tibet as​ indoor watch dogs. They would sleep by their masters and with their high intelligence plus keen sense of​ hearing,​ would warn of​ any intruders. Lhasa Apsos were never bought or​ sold in​ Tibet. Instead,​ the​ Dalai Lama sent Lhasa Apsos in​ pairs to​ the​ emperors of​ China as​ gifts. High ranking visitors to​ Tibet also received them as​ gifts.

They are also referred to​ as​ the​ little bark sentinel lion dogs since fully grown Lhasa Apsos could resemble small lions with all their hair. Lhasa Apso dogs can also behave very much like lions exhibiting no fear when confronted by strangers or​ even larger dogs. Despite its small size with adult females reaching 12 to​ 16 pounds and adult males ranging from 14 to​ 18 pounds,​ they are extremely hardy as​ well as​ rugged. Having existed in​ the​ extreme temperatures of​ Tibet for centuries,​ they are well suited for and actually enjoy romps in​ the​ snow. They are also long lived. Both of​ my Lhasa Apsos lived past the​ age of​ fifteen years. I have heard reports of​ others living even longer. in​ appearance,​ the​ Lhasa Apso is​ very similar to​ the​ Shih Tzu breed. the​ face of​ a​ Lhasa Apso is​ not as​ flat as​ that of​ the​ Shih Tzu. it​ is​ believed
that the​ Chinese crossed the​ Lhasa Apso with the​ Pekinese which resulted in​ the​ Shih Tzu with its flatter face.

One thing that all prospective owners should definitely know is​ that having a​ fur ball like a​ Lhasa Apso will require lots of​ maintenance. the​ long hair of​ this breed requires constant care. if​ left unattended even for a​ few days,​ the​ Lhasa Apso hair will mat up in​ clumps that cannot be untangled. Their floppy ears are also prone to​ infections and their eyes can develop problems. if​ a​ prospective owner is​ not willing to​ make a​ commitment to​ the​ high maintenance of​ a​ Lhasa Apso,​ a​ shorter hair breed is​ recommended.

The Lhasa Apso is​ considered by some breeders to​ be more stubborn and difficult to​ train than other dogs. Do not let all that cuteness give you​ the​ wrong impression as​ they are the​ little lion dogs after all. This breed has been revered and highly regarded for centuries in​ Asia. the​ genetics may have resulted in​ some arrogance in​ them. One must be assertive in​ the​ proper training of​ the​ Lhasa Apso as​ this breed will test the​ new master. Lhasa Apsos are completely loyal and affectionate with their masters but many will not be fond of​ strangers no matter how obedient they are. This may be part of​ their watch dog tendency. One of​ my Lhasa Apsos was quite friendly with visitors but the​ other one wouldn’t even acknowledge their presence.

The breed may also not be appropriate with small children. Small children may get clumsy and accidentally poke Lhasas in​ the​ eyes or​ squeeze them too hard. Lhasas will not take this behavior lightly as​ they are not as​ patient with kids compared to​ say Labrador retrievers. Some Lhasas have been known to​ bite clumsy kids. Lhasa Apso dogs can be very good with children as​ long as​ they are treated with respect and care.

Despite these characteristics of​ the​ Lhasa Apso,​ they are excellent dogs to​ have as​ they can be one of​ the​ most loyal companions as​ long as​ it​ is​ recognized that they are high maintenance and may not be suitable for some families.

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