Thinking Games

Classic thinking games are a​ great way to​ tune up your brain. You can use these mind games to​ help you increase your brain power and to​ get you out of​ your thinking "ruts." Play them enough,​ and they'll habituate you to​ using creative problem solving as​ a​ normal part of​ thinking about things.

Thinking Games For Groups

Group thinking games are especially good for long trips in​ a​ car. Have someone look out the​ window,​ for example,​ and randomly choose an​ object. Everyone in​ the​ car then tries to​ imagine a​ new way to​ make money with it. Common street signs become places to​ advertise,​ trees are sold with names,​ and a​ truck becomes a​ traveling grocery store.

Use the​ "change of​ perspective" technique as​ a​ problem-solving game. Just pick any topic,​ and see who can come up with the​ most unique new perspective. Could there be a​ world where jobs weren't necessary? How would a​ virus define morality if​ it​ was conscious?

One creative thinking game uses a​ technique called "concept combination." You simply combine random concepts or​ things in​ interesting ways,​ and see who has the​ best idea. a​ chair and a​ microwave? Maybe an​ easy-chair with a​ built-in cooler,​ microwave and television,​ or​ microwavable "couch potatoes" - a​ potato snack in​ the​ shape of​ a​ couch.

More Thinking Games

A lateral thinking puzzle you can try right now involves nine dots,​ layed out three by three. Connect them all with four straight lines,​ without lifting the​ pen or​ pencil from the​ paper. When you figure this one out you'll appreciate the​ expression "thinking outside of​ the​ box."

Many lateral-thinking puzzles use a​ scenario,​ real or​ imagined,​ with a​ selection of​ things you have to​ use to​ accomplish something. Imagine a​ ping-pong ball in​ an​ iron pipe that's set in​ cement. the​ pipe sticks up three-feet high,​ and has almost the​ same diameter as​ the​ ball. Using only a​ box of​ frosted-flakes,​ and a​ t-shirt,​ and your body and mind,​ how many ways can you find to​ get the​ ball out of​ the​ pipe? You could also set this up for real,​ to​ know if​ a​ proposed solution will really work.

Many riddles are just mind games or​ lateral-thinking puzzles. You move laterally in​ your mind,​ away from your usual line of​ thought,​ to​ solve a​ riddle. For example,​ what did his friends do when the​ canibal was late for dinner? They gave him the​ cold shoulder,​ of​ course! Keeping your brain in​ shape doesn't have to​ be a​ matter of​ serious study. Why not play some thinking games?

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