Things To Do When Your Computer Starts Developing Problems

Things To Do When Your Computer Starts Developing Problems
The introduction of​ the​ lap top has made computers portable and you can find them on​ planes,​ trains,​ buses and in​ cars .​
Computers are the​ latest method of​ communicating with nearly everyone,​ everywhere .​
That is​ until they start to​ develop problems .​
They are notorious for breaking down a​ few hours before you have to​ turn in​ your paper or​ make your office presentation.
Most computers have warranties covering service .​
There is​ usually probably a​ service where computer owners can get help over the​ phone or​ online .​
This service is​ essential to​ computer owners .​
If you have tried everything you know to​ resolve a​ computer problem and nothing is​ working,​ you can go online,​ at​ the​ computer manufacturer’s site,​ and do some simple diagnostic tests .​
Usually the​ site contains questions that commonly arise when computers fail .​
Simple solutions,​ from plugging in​ the​ equipment to​ rebooting a​ program,​ are available online.
If the​ online suggestions don’t work,​ you can call a​ service over the​ phone .​
The cable or​ phone company provider has this service available when you first are hooked-up to​ the​ Internet .​
a​ computer technician will listen to​ your complaint and then offer a​ variety of​ solutions .​
a​ pleasant,​ knowledgeable voice on​ the​ other end of​ the​ line can calm you down when you’re ready to​ pull your hair out or​ commit violent acts against your computer.
Sometimes,​ the​ phone technician can’t fix your problem .​
Then you need to​ call a​ repair service .​
There are companies that will dispatch computer technicians who will come to​ your home and,​ for a​ price,​ fix whatever is​ ailing your computer .​
Geek Squad is​ one such service .​
It will,​ on​ a​ 24/7 basis,​ provide upgrades,​ repairs and protection from spyware and viruses .​
If you think the​ problem is​ something you did as​ a​ result of​ not being familiar with a​ computer system,​ Geek Squad offers one- and two-hour personal instruction courses.
After it​ has been established that you don’t have a​ software problem,​ you now face the​ challenge of​ correcting a​ hardware problem .​
Then you have no choice but to​ open up the​ computer and do the​ repairs yourself .​
While most of​ us would pass on​ this option,​ it​ is​ not as​ difficult as​ it​ seems .​
There are less than 12 parts,​ including keyboard and mouse,​ in​ most computers .​
The number one cause of​ computer malfunctions is​ the​ AC power supply .​
Often,​ especially in​ cheaper models,​ replacing it​ solves all the​ problems.
There are some problems that you cannot solve without proper training,​ such as​ repairing the​ motherboard or​ the​ CPU or​ fixing video components and defective hard drives .​
Then you have to​ take your computer to​ a​ repair facility .​
There they can take your computer apart,​ run a​ diagnostic checkup and replace what needs to​ be replaced .​
They can install new hard drives,​ new components and programs,​ and replace any mechanical parts that are not working properly .​
They will also clean the​ inside of​ your computer,​ where dust and other smart particles have collected .​
If your computer is​ under warranty,​ you will probably get these services for free .​
If you have not purchased an​ extended warranty,​ you will have to​ pay for whatever is​ done.
If there is​ a​ hardware problem with your computer,​ you may not have to​ take it​ to​ the​ store where you bought it​ or​ a​ repair facility .​
There are facilities that come to​ you and,​ like Geek Squad,​ repair the​ malfunctioning equipment in​ your home.
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