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You should clearly understand that “behind the​ screen” there is​ another person,​ not a​ robot automatically responding to​ your advertising messages. This individual has his own desires,​ dreams and goals. He wants to​ improve his life and maybe he is​ looking for new opportunities to​ do it​ right now. at​ the​ same time he may have his own fears and misgivings. There is​ no reason why he should bother to​ believe your claims just after seeing the​ ad with your products or​ services. Use different communication tactics to​ set up contact with your potential client. Remember that your business is​ a​ communication business. Very often people don’t join the​ company they are joining you.

You do understand that Internet opens up boundless opportunities in​ business development. But it​ is​ no “magic pill” that will make you rich in​ no time. You have to​ accept the​ fact that in​ virtual space recruiting takes more time than in​ real life. at​ first you have to​ invest your time and effort to​ establish trustworthy relations with potential clients and it​ may take from three to​ six months. if​ you hurry you are bound to​ fail. Internet has its limits as​ well as​ advantages. if​ you use Internet properly,​ you will get a​ powerful tool to​ build up your business alongside with phone,​ fax and voice mail. Internet is​ only a​ powerful tool nothing more. I believe that you will hardly build up a​ stable and solid business only with the​ help of​ internet at​ any rate nowadays. Don’t forget about such great devices as​ phone and you yourself. That is​ why as​ soon as​ you have got someone interested via Internet make sure to​ make him a​ call. as​ soon as​ you have found a​ potential customer there is​ a​ great temptation of​ “piling “him with a​ heap of​ materials about your incredible opportunities. People are unlikely to​ stand such “brain overloads”.

This approach is​ sure to​ flop. Present the​ information in​ “safe doses”. it​ is​ vital to​ achieve that after reading some of​ your advertising materials the​ customer has a​ wish to​ find out more about your company. Stimulate the​ consumer to​ find out more and more about you and provide them with this information. if​ you want to​ play the​ game “network recruiting” you have to​ master an​ art of​ establishing interpersonal contacts. the​ main thing you must understand - focus on​ relations with people,​ not on​ your connection with the​ global network. Internet marketing should be active from your side. Do not expect initiative even from the​ interested consumers. You have to​ minimize routine work to​ devote your potential to​ work with the​ interested customers.

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