These Internet Businesses Are More Prone To Failure

These Internet Businesses Are More Prone To Failure

The types of​ internet businesses that fail or​ should I say are more prone to​ failure are the​ ones that try to​ market goods that are widely available in​ the​ supermarket and the​ high street shops.

Do not try and sell bulky goods like furniture,​ pet food,​ clothing or​ groceries on​ the​ web. These demands are already being met by well established retailers online and off line.

Do not try to​ compete with the​ large brands like Dell computers or​ Viking Direct as​ they have perfected the​ art of​ delivering products like computers and stationary direct to​ the​ end user.

Their buying power is​ massive and they already have the​ infrastructure to​ keep most newcomers from succeeding in​ the​ market place.

So what kinds of​ internet businesses are more likely to​ succeed? the​ best internet business ideas are the​ one that allow you​ to​ generate repeat orders from hard won customers.

The products supplied will either be expensive or​ very light or​ both with decent profit margins built in. the​ products should also not be readily available in​ the​ supermarkets or​ high street stores.

In the​ best cases you​ will not be delivering any physical product but instead providing a​ service on​ the​ web whether it​ is​ subscription based or​ an​ application like software that can be downloaded instantly and sold repeatedly.

Be wary of​ the​ advice that is​ offered by so called experts on​ the​ internet. Most of​ them have never run an​ internet venture before and make their money solely by giving misleading or​ incorrect advice for a​ small payment. I call them "the hopeless internet gurus."

If you​ have already run a​ business successfully then you​ are much more likely to​ succeed in​ an​ internet business as​ the​ same business skills are required in​ both. in​ fact I would go even further and say that even more skills are required to​ succeed online as​ you​ also have to​ learn specialist skills like search engine optimisation and creating great landing pages.

A final word of​ warning; do not give up your day job unless you​ have ample capital to​ launch your new business and survive the​ first year. Chances are that you​ will struggle to​ make a​ profit in​ year one.

It's not all doom and gloom though… for those of​ you​ who do have the​ right idea the​ world is​ your market place and growth can be dramatic once you​ move into profits.

These Internet Businesses Are More Prone To Failure

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