These Atkins Diet Tips Will Help You Lose Weight Fast

I’ve put together some Atkins Diet tips for all of​ you out there who are on​ the​ Atkins Diet. I was successful on​ this low carb diet,​ losing 120 pounds over a​ period of​ eighteen months,​ and I want you to​ be able to​ do the​ same thing! the​ best way to​ do that is​ to​ follow the​ diet carefully and make sure you aren’t tempted to​ backslide or​ cheat.

When I first started the​ Atkins program,​ it​ was hard for me because I wasn’t really prepared. I knew I had to​ keep my carbs low and that there were certain foods that I could and couldn’t eat,​ especially during the​ Induction Phase. But knowing and doing were two different things until I got myself organized and learned how to​ make the​ diet work for me and my lifestyle. Once I did that,​ it​ was a​ breeze!

Everyone who is​ on​ the​ Atkins Diet menu plan has probably already read the​ “cans and can’ts” of​ the​ diet,​ so I won’t go into that. Instead I’ve put together these Atkins diet tips that helped me – and I believe will help you,​ too.

Here are my best Atkins Diet tips for staying on​ the​ plan and being successful with your weight loss goals:

Atkins Diet Tip #1

Take a​ “before” picture. I had my wife take my picture before I started the​ diet,​ and it​ was a​ real eye-opener. I didn’t look good. After two weeks on​ the​ Atkins plan,​ I had her take my photo again. What an​ inspiration! the​ clothes were already fitting looser and I could see that even my face was slimming down. I began taking the​ pictures about every three to​ four weeks after that,​ and let me tell you,​ they are inspirational. Any time I get frustrated or​ reach a​ plateau with my weight loss,​ I just get out those pictures and remind myself of​ how far I’ve come.

Atkins Diet Tip #2

Stock your refrigerator before you start. I tried starting the​ Atkins diet without going to​ the​ store at​ first. This was a​ mistake because a​ lot of​ the​ foods I had weren’t part of​ the​ program,​ and a​ lot of​ the​ ones that I was supposed to​ eat weren’t anywhere in​ my house. the​ next week my wife and I took the​ acceptable foods list with us to​ the​ market and stocked up on​ everything I liked. Then I had no excuses and my wife discovered that she could prepare tons of​ meals that were delicious and creative because she had everything on​ hand.

I also got rid of​ all the​ junk foods and empty calories in​ my house so that I wouldn’t be tempted. It’s a​ lot easier to​ pass up a​ plate of​ spaghetti if​ you don’t have any in​ the​ house!

Atkins Diet Tip #3

Make sure you take your vitamins. This sounds so simple,​ but it’s one thing a​ lot of​ people forget. if​ you don’t get the​ proper nutrients,​ you could begin feeling tired and blame it​ on​ the​ diet. if​ you take a​ good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement,​ you will protect yourself against disease,​ illness and the​ possibility of​ feeling “drained.”

Atkins Diet Tip #4

Find a​ friend to​ do the​ Atkins Diet with. Before I started Atkins,​ I had discussed it​ with a​ friend who decided to​ try it​ as​ well. During the​ Induction Phase he called me one night to​ talk because,​ he confessed,​ he was ready to​ give in​ to​ temptation – his son’s birthday cake. I suggested a​ snack alternative,​ and he ate it​ while we​ chatted. By the​ time we​ hung up,​ he felt great and the​ craving for the​ cake was gone.

It worked great to​ have an​ Atkins buddy – we​ even ate lunch out once a​ week to​ treat ourselves! we​ learned together how to​ read menus to​ find the​ best choices,​ how to​ ask for substitutions and always had fun while we​ were treating ourselves. we​ kept each other on​ track and cheered each other on.

Atkins Diet Tip #5

Keep quick and easy snacks ready. My wife always made sure I had crispy veggies like celery and cucumbers sliced and chilled in​ ice water for quick pick-me-ups. if​ they are already prepared,​ I’m more likely to​ reach for them. I also keep several varieties of​ cheese on​ hand and some hard-boiled eggs ready all the​ time. Both of​ these are great for a​ mid-afternoon or​ evening snack. You can also get a​ few of​ the​ Atkins snack bars for those times when you want a​ snack and you’re away from home.

Keeping these five Atkins diet tips in​ mind worked so well for me that they are now a​ part of​ my life. I always have something good to​ eat on​ hand,​ and my buddy and I are now in​ the​ Maintenance Phase of​ the​ Atkins diet,​ looking good and feeling great!

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