The Worst SEO Strategy Ever

The Worst SEO Strategy Ever

Many SEO are looking for the​ perfect SEO formula to​ make a​ perfect optimized page. This is​ a​ mistake because Google doesn’t want a​ perfectly optimized page. They want a​ most relevant content. I am not going to​ give a​ talk about what everyone already known. you​ have to​ somehow make your SEO imperfect! Yes,​ imperfection is​ the​ true beauty of​ SEO.

If your page title and ‘H’ header have the​ exactly the​ same words,​ and the​ majority of​ your inbound and outbound links have the​ same anchor texts,​ you​ are looking very suspicious,​ suspicious enough to​ not ranking well. Google is​ quite ‘SEO-phobic’. Even if​ you​ put the​ same word in​ different combinations in​ your alt tag 3 times,​ you​ would immediately fall. For example,​ if​ you​ put ‘bookstore’,​ ‘online bookstore’,​ and ‘bookstore sale’ in​ 3 different image alt tags,​ you​ would see the​ immediate fall in​ competitive keywords in​ your next Google page cache because ‘bookstore’ appeared 3 times. to​ reduce the​ risk of​ ‘perfect SEO’,​ you​ should mix things up a​ little bit and do thing ‘imperfectly’ intentionally. you​ probably don’t want to​ have more than 30% of​ your inbound links have the​ same anchor texts. if​ you​ already have most of​ your inbound links with the​ same text,​ you​ should build more links with different anchor texts and descriptions to​ dilute the​ ‘perfection’.

There are also some so-call ‘poison words’ in​ your on-page link text,​ such as​ ‘add url’,​ ‘links’,​ ‘link partners’…These would indicate of​ low quality content or​ related to​ spam. the​ search engines are more likely to​ de-weight it.

Another bad SEO practice is,​ somehow I think it’s too obvious,​ that people put the​ same word 3 times (or more) in​ the​ title. That’s not right,​ not for title,​ nor description,​ nor the​ bold text. For example,​ you​ don’t do ‘SEO Service | SEO Company | SEO Articles’ in​ the​ title. you​ would still see such kind of​ repeated words in​ search results,​ that’s because they have strong back links. These sites have already been de-weighted silently by Google. if​ you​ have the​ keyword repeat more than 3 times,​ oh my god,​ you​ are sending Google a​ message that ‘Yes,​ I am a​ Spammer. Catch me if​ you​ can’. One time for a​ keyword is​ perfect,​ 2 times with different form,​ such as​ ‘Online Bookstores in​ Bookstore Outlet’ is​ acceptable. Notice there is​ a​ singular and a​ plural version?

Do you​ submit your new website to​ Google,​ Yahoo and other search engines? I wouldn’t do that. Not that it’s bad,​ just not worth it. as​ Google clearly saying in​ its official page that new website submissions would wait up to​ 6 weeks to​ be indexed. 6 weeks is​ quite a​ long time,​ and doesn’t mean you​ would rank well after these 6 weeks. you​ still have a​ lot of​ optimization work needed to​ do after that. And some sites even don’t link to​ sites with no PageRank. if​ you​ are not indexed,​ you​ don’t get PageRank,​ then you​ don’t get links from these sites. So,​ as​ soon as​ you​ brought a​ new domain,​ you​ build some content into it​ which doesn’t need to​ be prefect. Then,​ you​ have to​ get your site indexed as​ soon as​ possible.

The Worst SEO Strategy Ever

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