The Weight Loss Program That Worked For Me

The Weight Loss Program That Worked For Me

The diet that worked for me

I have had a​ lot of​ issues and problems with my weight. it​ has had a​ major effect on​ my life,​ it​ knocked my confidence and I had an​ all round low self-esteem.

A couple of​ years ago I decided to​ do something about it,​ to​ try to​ lose some of​ my excess fat. I had heard of​ many different types of​ diet most of​ which I felt were not suitable for me and even sounded disgusting.

I decided on​ self-help,​ doing it​ my way. I knew that exercise would need to​ be a​ factor,​ however was not willing to​ join a​ gym. Gyms seem full of​ people who are already thin! I started to​ walk a​ lot more instead of​ driving everywhere,​ and started to​ play tennis again,​ even though I must admit am pretty rubbish it. I am not exactly the​ most athletic person and this basically was all the​ exercise I did.

The main reason I was overweight was because of​ my poor diet. I like to​ eat the​ types of​ food you are told not to. I love pizzas,​ a​ curry,​ chips,​ peanuts and especially alcohol. Most people I knew would tell me to​ cut out all of​ these from my diet completely- get real! Sorry,​ that’s not possible,​ I enjoy them too much.

I thought about what to​ do and decided that I would start to​ write down everything I ate. I would eat a​ healthy breakfast and then would try not to​ eat until lunch. I am somebody who loves to​ snack,​ eating crisps and chocolate especially. I knew that to​ not eat anything until lunch would be difficult but I had a​ plan. Whenever I felt hungry or​ a​ desire for food I would eat a​ polo mint or​ if​ at​ home would clean my teeth. Sounds crazy but it​ worked for me! I would also not eat between lunch and my evening meal. the​ evening meal would be my biggest meal of​ the​ day and would include anything I wanted including chips. On the​ weekend I would always treat myself to​ a​ takeaway and would allow myself some alcohol.

This type of​ diet needs a​ lot of​ discipline and character,​ however you do not have to​ do that much exercise or​ cut any type of​ food from your diet.

Good luck.

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