The Weight Loss Industry Are They Really Telling Us The Truth

The Weight Loss Industry Are They Really Telling Us The Truth

Everyone who has ever tried to​ lose weight and keep it​ off knows that it​ is​ a​ very hard thing to​ do. in​ fact,​ nothing can be closer to​ the​ truth than to​ say that weight loss is​ hard. So it's no wonder that when one weight loss company or​ another comes up with their new,​ miracle breakthrough weight loss pill that will simply melt the​ fat off while you sleep,​ regardless of​ what you eat,​ people can't wait to​ make their three easy payments of​ only $29.95 while feverishly awaiting the​ arrival of​ their weight loss "dream come true".

But,​ is​ it​ really a​ dream come true,​ or​ just merely a​ weight loss nightmare? as​ most people know,​ there have been countless numbers of​ products like this on​ the​ market that make outrageous claims of​ monumental weight loss in​ very little time with little or​ no effort on​ your part. Most people also know that not one of​ these products has ever lived up to​ their claims,​ and that a​ good deal of​ these products have also been known to​ yield dangerous side affects (fen/phen and redux for example). So why is​ it​ that weight loss companies continue to​ bombard us with new products every year that are no better than last year’s products?

The weight loss industry is​ a​ $30 billion dollar per year industry that is​ solely based on​ attempting to​ convince the​ 65% of​ Americans who are overweight that weight loss not only doesn't have to​ be that hard,​ but in​ fact,​ can be down right easy! the​ problem is,​ with countless companies out there "bending" the​ truth with very sketchy so called research and the​ falsehood of​ endorsements by "doctors",​ sports stars and television and movie personalities,​ the​ general public is​ constantly hit with wave after wave of​ false hope.

Perhaps if​ the​ weight loss companies were more honest about what really works long term and promoted products and methods that were in​ line with reality,​ more people would accept these realities and follow methods that actually work long term. There is​ a​ small problem with this however. That would be bad for the​ weight loss company’s bottom lines! They would lose millions of​ dollars and that is​ not what those companies share holders want to​ hear.

It's all about business,​ not your health,​ not whether you lose weight and keep it​ off,​ not whether you’re happy with the​ product in​ the​ end,​ just about business and that means nothing but bottom line. So,​ with the​ weight loss companies simply telling the​ public only what they want to​ hear,​ there is​ very little hope.

Research has shown that 95% of​ people who do lose weight usually gain it​ back between six months and three years later. the​ FDA has declared that not one single weight loss company in​ the​ entire industry can show a​ record of​ long term success. it​ would be comparable to​ the​ home building industry if​ 95% of​ the​ new homes purchased fell apart and became unlivable within three years,​ but the​ public is​ completely oblivious to​ the​ enormous failure rate of​ the​ weight loss industry.

There are,​ sadly,​ only a​ few weight loss companies out there that base there methods on​ things that have been proven to​ work such as​ balanced diet and exercise but their voices are drowned out by all the​ "quick fix" fads and gimmicks that are out there.

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