The Weight Loss Cure

The Weight Loss Cure

Through 30 years of​ international research and solid documentation,​ Dr. Simeons learned how to​ correct the​ slow metabolism with the​ administration of​ hCG.
Dr. Simeons discovered that with the​ administration of​ 125-200 units of​ hCG a​ day,​ along with a​ special 500 calorie diet,​ he was curing obesity in​ virtually ALL of​ his patients.
hCG is​ a​ hormone that is​ derived from pregnant women's urine. it​ is​ first created by the​ embryo and then later by the​ placenta.
Royalty and the​ wealthy alike paid Dr. Simeons upwards of​ $20,​000 per treatment in​ order to​ keep this protocol a​ secret,​ reserved only for the​ rich and famous in​ hisanti-aging clinic in​ Rome.
(Kits are available now at​
Now,​ through the​ courage and connections of​ Kevin Trudeau,​ that this secret is​ finally being brought to​ light in​ his New York Times Bestseller,​ "The Weight Loss Cure."

Obesity is​ a​ very spread problem nowadays and people all around the​ world are searching for solutions,​ whether they activate in​ health clubs,​ follow diets or​ other methods in​ order to​ lose weight and lead a​ healthier life.

The variety of​ solutions found does not mean that others do not appear day by day. One of​ them is​ the​ new book of​ Mr. Trudeau about weight loss. His main idea,​ presented in​ the​ book,​ is​ that the​ pharmaceutical companies prescribe medications,​ while other treatments can be as​ or​ more viable for certain conditions. This idea is​ not new,​ indeed,​ but the​ method he describes in​ his book may be a​ solution for weight loss. He describes in​ his writings home remedies and holistic treatments that can be used successfully today,​ as​ they have been for thousands of​ years.

Mr. Trudeau is​ known for his actions against treatments based on​ pills or​ diet and against the​ overuse of​ prescriptions of​ medication by the​ pharmaceutical companies. in​ his book about weight loss,​ he presents people another method for obtaining better and healthier results in​ their fight against obesity. He proved that his treatment is​ right by applying it​ to​ himself and losing weight.

His results were great,​ once he started the​ treatment described in​ his book. in​ six weeks,​ he lost no less that 45 pounds,​ and that,​ without any exercise. What happened was that his eating routine dramatically changed. in​ fact,​ this is​ the​ idea presented in​ the​ book: that you can look weight by following the​ instructions and your metabolism increase in​ the​ same time as​ the​ appetite decreases. the​ results cannot be denied. Mr. Trudeau looks a​ lot younger and healthier and thinner since the​ beginning of​ applying the​ treatment he is​ preaching about.

Many of​ you have tried a​ lot of​ recipes and treatments to​ no avail. This book may be the​ right answer for you. Anyhow,​ as​ with any other diet or​ treatment,​ consult with your doctor first as​ such a​ drastic change in​ your weight may trigger some health issues. Mr. Trudeau has tried many different diet and weight loss programs,​ but he always experienced a​ loss of​ weight followed by a​ gain of​ weight,​ so with no positive results.

If you are looking for an​ answer to​ your problem,​ maybe this book is​ the​ key. Read it​ and maybe this will work for you better than any of​ the​ other weight loss plans you tried so far. "The Weight Loss Cure" by Kevin Trudeau.
"The Weight Loss Cure Kits" are now available for instant purchase at​ Lose 43 pounds in​ 43 days. Kits come in​ 23 day and 43 day segments. if​ you need to​ lose more than 43 pounds,​ then you should skip a​ day a​ week of​ treatment. Mixing instructions for the​ product as​ well as​ Dr. Simeons' Weight Loss Manuals are available on​ the​ site. Come and experience what thousands have already experienced in​ massive weight loss WITHOUT the​ surgury!

The Weight Loss Cure

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