The Weight Loss Benefit Of Green Tea

The Weight Loss Benefit Of Green Tea

Research has been conducted over the​ last few years to​ identify what compound present in​ green tea makes it​ a​ potent health drink. the​ scientists have found that green tea contains several antioxidants which are responsible for many of​ green tea's health benefits,​ including weight loss benefit.

A research study by American and Swiss scientists on​ the​ weight loss benefit of​ green tea was concluded and the​ results of​ which were published in​ the​ American Journal of​ Clinical Nutrition and Urology. During the​ course of​ their study,​ they have found that green tea contains certain compounds that contribute to​ its weight loss benefit.

Lead researcher,​ D. Abdul Dulloo said in​ a​ press release that there are only two ways to​ achieve weight loss - either reduce energy intake or​ increase energy expenditure. Green tea,​ it​ seems,​ has compounds that can increase the​ body's normal metabolism rate,​ thus giving it​ its weight loss benefit.

At the​ University of​ Geneva,​ where the​ study was conducted,​ Dr. Dulloo and his colleagues experimented on​ ten healthy young men. They theorized that the​ main contributor to​ green tea's weight loss benefit is​ its caffeine content. to​ test this hypothesis on​ green tea's weight loss benefit,​ they placed the​ study's participants on​ a​ typical "Western" diet which is​ about forty percent fat,​ thirteen percent protein,​ and forty-seven percent carbohydrates.

Thrice everyday,​ the​ researchers measured their subjects' energy expenditure (the measurement used in​ determining the​ number of​ calories burned in​ 24 hours) and monitored their respiration quotient to​ find out how well they utilized their carbohydrates,​ proteins,​ and fats.

When they interpreted the​ data they collected,​ they found out that the​ men receiving regular dosages of​ green tea extract showed a​ significant increase in​ their 24-hour energy expenditure and a​ reduction in​ their respiration quotient (which means that more fat is​ burned,​ thereby achieving maximum weight loss). On the​ other hand,​ those men who were only given caffeine or​ placebo with every meal showed only minimal increases in​ their metabolism rates.

The scientists construed that the​ substance catechin polyphenol present in​ green tea adds to​ its weight loss benefit. These substances in​ green tea may alter how the​ body uses the​ hormone norepinephrine which is​ responsible for increasing the​ metabolism rate,​ thus leading to​ weight loss.

In their conclusion,​ the​ scientists inferred that green tea owes its weight loss benefit to​ the​ presence of​ antioxidants and the​ substance catechin polyphenol. These substances help increase fat and calorie burning and optimize weight loss.

The Weight Loss Benefit of​ Green Tea

The Weight Loss Benefit Of Green Tea

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