The Value Of A Computer Science Degree

Computer science and information technology has long been known as​ a​ great field to​ get into,​ but lately there has been a​ rumor going around that the​ industry is​ in​ a​ slump,​ causing fewer students to​ enroll in​ a​ computer science degree program. Unfortunately,​ the​ rumor is​ not at​ all true,​ and students are being turned away from a​ field they are interested in​ for no reason: the​ technology industry is​ still booming,​ still creating lots of​ new jobs every day,​ and still a​ great field in​ which to​ work.

Here are just a​ few reasons why you should still get that computer science degree and pursue your dream career:

Technology-related jobs are expanding at​ a​ phenomenal rate. Many students in​ the​ United States worry that the​ computer science industry is​ short-lived,​ because so many corporations are outsourcing technical support and other services to​ foreign countries such as​ India. the​ truth is,​ though,​ that the​ it​ industry in​ the​ United States is​ growing far faster than the​ outsourcing trend. Many more computer science jobs are being created every year than those being eliminated in​ favor of​ outsourcing.

A technological world means job security. Let’s face it; we​ are now more dependent on​ technology than ever. Common sense,​ then,​ should tell us that technological jobs couldn't possibly be decreasing,​ when technology itself is​ on​ the​ rise! as​ more and more of​ our life is​ computerized,​ more and more it​ jobs will be created to​ support and maintain our accustomed lifestyle. This means that a​ computer science degree offers job security -- your particular specialty will always be in​ demand.

Enrollment in​ computer science degree programs is​ down. Unfortunately,​ many students have taken to​ heart that computer science is​ a​ bad field to​ get into,​ and as​ a​ result fewer students are enrolling in​ computer science degree programs. Since the​ it​ industry is​ in​ fact expanding within the​ United States,​ the​ result is​ that the​ students currently enrolled in​ computer science programs will have less competition entering the​ workforce when they graduate.

Computer science jobs are just plain fun. Computers are a​ hobby and a​ passion for many people. if​ you love working with computers and technology,​ don’t be persuaded to​ choose another career path by the​ rumors that it​ is​ a​ doomed field in​ the​ United States. the​ truth is,​ of​ course,​ that the​ industry is​ still booming as​ much as,​ or​ even more than ever,​ but it’s about more than just that. How much is​ it​ worth to​ you to​ have a​ job you love? Many American adults never experience this satisfaction; so don’t turn away from your dream just because somebody tells you the​ industry is​ failing,​ particularly when they are wrong.

Despite what the​ rumor mills have to​ say,​ computer and technology related jobs still have a​ lot going for them,​ making a​ computer science degree a​ smart choice for any student.
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