The Types Of Computer Memory

The Types Of Computer Memory

The Types Of Computer Memory
How can a​ computer be such an​ amazing gadget? To many people they just can’t be so amazed on​ how computers have changed the​ way we​ live .​
Computers can now be found in​ many sizes and shapes .​
Almost every home appliance seems to​ have their own mini computer located somewhere .​
From cars to​ buildings to​ almost every gadget there is,​ most of​ the​ time each one has a​ computer working to​ make them run and change the​ very way we​ live life .​
First and foremost,​ the​ most important component of​ the​ computer is​ its processor .​
It is​ considered the​ heart of​ the​ computer that does all the​ calculating and processing .​
But with all that calculating and processing,​ the​ computer won’t be such a​ remarkable gadget if​ not for its amazing memory .​
Computer memory makes it​ possible to​ retain important information on​ a​ computer .​
Such data can be used again and again and retrieved when a​ certain stored data is​ needed .​
Without the​ computer memory,​ the​ processor will have no facility where to​ store its important calculations and processes,​ thereby making them useless .​
There are different types of​ computer memory tasked to​ store different types of​ data .​
They also have different capabilities and specialties when it​ comes to​ storing necessary data inside the​ computer .​
The best known computer memory is​ the​ RAM,​ otherwise known as​ Random Access Memory .​
It is​ called random access because any stored data can be accessed directly if​ you know the​ exact row and column that intersect a​ certain memory cell .​
In this type of​ computer memory,​ data can be accessed in​ any order .​
RAM’s exact opposite is​ called SAM or​ Serial Access Memory,​ which stores data in​ a​ series of​ memory cells that can only be accessed in​ order .​
It operates much like a​ cassette tape where you have to​ go through other memory cells before accessing the​ data that you are looking for .​
Other types of​ computer memory include the​ ROM or​ Read Only Memory .​
ROM is​ an​ integrated circuit already programmed with specific data that cannot be modified or​ changed,​ hence the​ name Read Only .​
There is​ also another type of​ computer memory called Virtual Memory .​
This type of​ memory is​ a​ common component in​ most operating systems and desktops .​
It helps the​ computers RAM to​ be freed up with unused applications to​ make way for loading current applications being used .​
It works simply by checking for data stored in​ RAM not being used recently and have it​ stored in​ the​ computer’s hard disk,​ thereby freeing valuable space in​ RAM for loading other applications .​
a​ virtual memory will make a​ computer think that it​ has almost unlimited RAM inside it .​
Another type of​ computer memory that has made computers process tasks faster is​ what is​ called cache memory .​
Cache memory works simply by having current applications,​ calculations and processes stored in​ its memory instead of​ directly to​ the​ main storage area .​
When a​ certain process is​ in​ need of​ data previously used,​ it​ first will try to​ access the​ cache memory if​ such data is​ stored there before accessing the​ central memory storage area .​
This frees up the​ computer from looking for the​ data in​ a​ larger and bigger memory storage area and makes data extraction faster .​
Computer memory is​ in​ a​ constant state of​ development as​ more and more technologies are being developed .​
Who knows,​ maybe in​ the​ near future computer memory might also be fit for human consumption.

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