The Truth About Taking Your Dog To The Dog Park

The Truth About Taking Your Dog To The Dog Park

This idea of​ taking your dog to​ a​ dog park is​ not a​ good one. Why?


#1) It's not natural for the​ dog. We're not talking about human children who need to​ be socialized with other kids throughout their infancy. Dogs learn dominant and submissive behavior and how to​ interact with other dogs from 6 to​ 8 weeks of​ age. This two week period is​ called a​ critical stage,​ and a​ small amount of​ exposure will have a​ lasting effect on​ your dog's personality.

When you​ throw your dog in​ with all kinds of​ other dogs (from other packs) the​ first thing they need to​ do is​ establish who's dominant and who's submissive. And yes,​ they'll tussle to​ do this,​ often. if​ you​ have two really dominant dogs,​ they may even fight to​ the​ death. or​ if​ another dog gets flushed too quickly,​ he'll get defensive. And then you​ have a​ dog fight on​ your hands,​ with hundreds of​ dogs and owners yelling and running around screaming.... and none of​ the​ dogs are trained... and none of​ the​ dogs are on​ leash... and all of​ the​ owners don't know anything about dog handling (esp. a​ fight) but think they know everything. Trust me... it's a​ bad situation you​ need to​ avoid.

#2) Health: They let anyone into those dog parks. And believe you​ me,​ you​ get the​ types who will find a​ dog in​ an​ alley and before giving it​ shots (rabies,​ parvo,​ etc..) ... they think they're doing a​ great thing by bringing the​ dog to​ the​ dog park where he can cough,​ lick and breathe on​ your dog.

#3) Temperament: Nobody does a​ temperament test on​ these dogs before letting them into the​ park. Duh! You're playing with fire.

So you​ can see,​ there are a​ lot of​ risks. And just because the​ dog gets into a​ dominance scuffle,​ does not mean that he's a​ dog fighter. But that's a​ different issue for another article.

That's all for now,​ folks!

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