The Truth About Losing Weight On A Vegetarian Diet

“It does not matter what you eat. Just don’t eat a​ lot,​ exercise,​ and your weight will not be a​ problem.”


Not quite!

There is​ scientific evidence that a​ vegetarian diet keeps that weight down,​ whereas meat eaters put it​ on. What you eat does matter.

You know that weight loss is​ an​ industry. a​ money-making industry with many claims to​ make:

Claims of​ weight loss pills,​ herbs and juices. Claims of​ exercise machines and exercise programmes. Claims of​ high-fat,​ no fat or​ lean diets.

Which work? Which do not? How to​ find those things that work? it​ is​ bewildering. And expensive!

The US FDA has warned against the​ effectiveness of​ a​ number of​ products that are being marketed. They include fat or​ starch blockers,​ weight loss chewing gum and body wraps.

Even weight loss earrings and spectacles are in​ this list. Perhaps the​ last one is​ effective when your friends wear them to​ look at​ you?

By contrast,​ vegetarians and vegans know what they eat and why they eat it. They save money and lose weight.

Weight loss of​ both your body and your wallet? Why not.

Vegetarian food production is​ inherently cheaper than that of​ meat.

Just like a​ high fibre vegetarian diet goes through your system faster,​ the​ vegetarian food production chain is​ short compared to​ that of​ growing meat.

Growing animals for meat is​ after all energy-intensive,​ time-consuming and expensive.

For instance,​ it​ takes five kilograms of​ grain to​ produce one kilogram of​ beef. it​ is​ that concentrated energy that you eat. And it’s not high-fibre.

Short production cycles are better for the​ planet and shorter digestive processes are better for you.

Perhaps you do not even need special low calorie vegetarian recipes to​ lose weight.

A vegetarian or​ vegan diet appears to​ be a​ recipe for weight loss in​ itself! at​ least it​ represents an​ excellent start.

Consider the​ latest research.

Vegetarian and vegan diets work

Recent British scientific research is​ based on​ a​ study of​ 22,​000 people who were followed over five years. All participants put on​ weight over that time.

However,​ meat eaters who changed to​ a​ vegetarian diet gained the​ least weight.

Prof Tim Keys,​ who led this study for the​ University of​ Oxford and Cancer Research UK,​ obtained interesting results that are contrary to​ popular beliefs. His study is​ published in​ the​ Journal of​ Obesity.

He said: “Contrary to​ current popular views that a​ diet low in​ carbohydrates and high in​ protein keeps weight down,​ we​ found that the​ lowest weight gain came in​ people with high intake of​ carbohydrates and low intake of​ protein.”

The study involved meat eaters,​ fish eaters,​ vegetarians and vegans. On average the​ entire human sample population gained 2 kilos over the​ five years and none of​ them were overweight.

The less consumption of​ animal products,​ the​ less weight was gained,​ leaving the​ vegans on​ top,​ with vegetarians runners-up.

And the​ bit about exercising then?

Well,​ it’s part of​ a​ holistic picture it​ seems. the​ study also found that those who became more physically active gained less weight than those who did not. No surprises there.

So,​ not good news for vegan couch potatoes and a​ ray of​ hope for raging carnivores?

Well…,​ the​ simple message is,​ whatever you eat,​ physical activity is​ part of​ the​ weight loss,​ and health-deal.

Good health

Health too? Yes,​ this study is​ part of​ a​ larger investigation by EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition),​ comparing half a​ million people’s diets in​ 10 countries to​ learn how diet is​ linked to​ cancer. Results from EPIC’s investigation show that diet is​ a​ leading cause of​ some cancers.

A balanced vegetarian or​ vegan diet is​ good for your health.

Take diabetes,​ often a​ condition associated with inadequate diet and being over-weight. the​ EPIC study has revealed that diabetics carry three times the​ normal risk of​ developing colo-rectal cancer.

And a​ recent Australian study even suggests that a​ diet that is​ rich in​ vegetables and fruit can reduce the​ effects of​ asthma attacks.

The wider benefits of​ choosing a​ vegetarian or​ vegan diet for weight loss are obvious.

But… perhaps you’d still rather take the​ ‘easy way’ out and continue to​ eat meat. Meat perhaps that has been engineered for your ‘health’?

Voila! Researchers at​ Harvard University have now engineered pigs to​ produce “healthy forms of​ bacon,​ ham and pork crackling.”

Three little pigs were genetically modified to​ carry Omega 3-converting genes of​ a​ nematode worm. This gives the​ meat of​ these three little research pigs the​ benefits of​ fats and oils found in​ fish and… vegetables!

Talk about a​ long production process to​ get the​ same benefits from plants that take a​ fraction of​ the​ energy and time to​ produce.

I’m telling no porky: before long pigs will fly… But do you want to​ eat them?

Get motivated.

Weight loss may be your focus but you can see that its achievement is​ connected to​ a​ holistic picture,​ including your health and that of​ the​ world we​ live in. That is​ why you could say that many vegetarians and vegans are socially responsible eaters.

Perhaps that insight will give you the​ motivation to​ become a​ vegetarian or​ vegan: to​ lose weight…and to​ discover a​ whole new world!

Of course some people have medical conditions that cause them to​ be over weight.

It would be foolish to​ recommend a​ vegetarian diet as​ a​ miracle cure in​ those instances. But in​ all other cases of​ being over weight there is​ one over-riding thing that you need: Motivation.

If you know why you want to​ lose weight you will do it. Motivation is​ everything. the​ evidence is​ in​ on​ effectiveness of​ vegetarian diets with respect to​ weight loss.

If you also know that you are doing your body and the​ planet a​ favour by losing weight through vegetarian or​ vegan diets… then what are you waiting for?

It’s over to​ you!

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