The True Cost Of DIY SEO

The True Cost Of DIY SEO

Many business owners will try to​ cut corners and save money when it​ comes to​ search engine optimisation (SEO) but as​ many have discovered from bitter experience,​ this is​ not always the​ best idea. DIY SEO has not always had the​ desired effect.

Although it​ may seems that you​ are saving money,​ the​ truth of​ the​ matter is​ that unless you​ are an​ SEO expert you​ may actually end up doing more harm than good. the​ search engines,​ Google in​ particular,​ are extremely sensitive when it​ comes to​ white hat and black hat SEO techniques and one slight mistake may cause your site to​ be permanently blacklisted!

Clearly,​ this is​ to​ be avoided and would cause a​ huge inconvenience not to​ mention the​ expense and time involved with creating a​ new website and the​ priceless damage caused to​ your brand.

We have received calls from many companies asking for answers as​ to​ why their site has disappeared from the​ search engines; often,​ the​ costs involved to​ rectify their mistakes far exceeds the​ initial cost of​ expert search engine optimisation.

If you​ are tempted to​ 'have a​ go' yourself,​ here are a​ few questions you​ should address before attempting to​ optimise your site:

- How accurate will your keyword research be without access to​ a​ professional tool set?

- How would you​ identify the​ most profitable keywords for your site?

- Do you​ know if​ the​ keywords you​ are targeting are actually searched for?

- How long would it​ take you​ to​ find relevant directories to​ submit your site too?

- How long would it​ take you​ to​ manually submit your website to​ those directories?

- Do you​ know where to​ establish relevant in-bound links to​ your site?

- Would you​ know where to​ look to​ find specific statistics in​ order to​ perform competitor analysis?

- Do you​ have the​ knowledge or​ tools to​ enable you​ to​ optimise your site and have you​ taken into consideration the​ fees for all of​ these?

You need to​ weigh up how long it​ will take to​ realistically research what you​ need to​ do and implement this compared to​ what you​ could be spending that time doing elsewhere to​ make you​ money concentrating on​ your area of​ expertise. What might take you​ two weeks could take a​ search marketing expert two days and you​ need to​ consider whether this is​ the​ most productive use of​ your time.

Search engine marketing is​ a​ profession and it​ can take many years to​ develop the​ necessary skills to​ understand fully what is​ required. if​ you​ wouldn't consider running your own traditional marketing campaign,​ why leave your Internet marketing to​ chance?

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