The Top 3 Computer Backup Myths Exposed

The Top 3 Computer Backup Myths Exposed

The Top 3 Computer Backup Myths – Exposed!
Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow .​
Sound familiar? That was always my motto (still is​ sometimes…) but as​ far as​ backing up my computer,​ procrastinating is​ the​ last thing I​ do! I​ have learned my lesson after losing precious data from multiple hard drive crashes!
Think disaster won’t strike your computer? I​ have news for you: statistics show that 1 in​ every 4 computer users suffers a​ critical data loss every year .​
Laptops are stolen and hard drives crash; it’s a​ fact of​ life .​
If you’ve never seen a​ grown man cry,​ wait till his computer crashes!
Still,​ I’ve heard many excuses from other computer users about why they don’t backup their machines .​
Well,​ they might sound good,​ but they really do not hold up.
I conducted a​ small survey among computer users to​ find the​ most popular excuses .​
the​ top three excuses are shown below,​ along with my rebuttals.
3 .​
I​ don’t know how.

Now’s the​ time to​ learn .​
If you have learned to​ use a​ computer,​ you can learn to​ backup your files .​
It can be as​ simple as​ burning a​ CD or​ clicking on​ folders and selecting back this up.
Find the​ nearest computer whiz and tell them you want to​ back up your data .​
Or just browse the​ internet for data backup .​
Someone will be happy to​ help .​
(After losing a​ lot of​ my data due to​ hard drive crashes,​ I’m happy to​ help people backup their data.)
2 .​
It’s too expensive.

Backup does not have to​ cost an​ arm and a​ leg .​
Although some services are very expensive,​ it​ is​ possible to​ backup all of​ your data for a​ few dollars every month .​
What do CD-Rs cost these days,​ a​ couple cents each? Even one top-notch online backup service is​ a​ mere $5 per month.
You buy insurance for your house and car,​ right? Think of​ data backup as​ insurance for your documents and digital photos .​
(Remember,​ even if​ your insurance covers the​ cost of​ your computer during a​ catastrophe,​ they will not cover your data loss,​ which most likely is​ worth more than the​ computer itself.)
And the​ #1 reason…
1 .​
It takes too long.

This reason would actually be better stated as​ I’m too busy! or​ I’m lazy! but I​ figured I​ would combine those into one sentence!
If you burn CDs with all of​ your data,​ then yes,​ it​ takes a​ while .​
But even that does not take as​ long as​ trying to​ start over from scratch once you have lost everything!
Just think if​ you lost everything .​
What would you do?
Remember that backup service I​ mentioned earlier that’s only $5 per month? Not only is​ it​ cheap,​ it​ works automatically after a​ few minutes of​ setup time .​
It will actually backup your entire computer without any effort on​ your part! If you don’t have time for that,​ I​ don’t know what you have time for.

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