The Ten Minute Cheat Sheet For Successful Internet Business Promotion

The Ten Minute Cheat Sheet For Successful Internet Business Promotion

You’ve seen them brag about their sites – they’re claiming to​ be earning $10,​000+ per month with a​ simple two-page website because they’ve cracked the​ age-old secret of​ getting masses of​ laser-targeted traffic with practically zero work. But the​ best thing is​ now they’re allowing you​ to​ do the​ same with their “secret” eBook,​ super-traffic-generating software or​ mega-promotion system.

So you​ fork out the​ $97,​ stay up all night to​ read the​ book,​ install the​ software or​ put the​ system in​ motion and after a​ few days…nothing. After a​ couple of​ weeks…nothing still. You’re a​ hundred bucks down,​ on​ zero sales/subscribers and it’s dawning on​ you​ that you’re the​ victim of​ slick-salesletter-syndrome (again). You’re not alone – thousands upon thousands of​ new internet business owners fall into the​ same trap simply because they want to​ look for the​ easy way to​ get business (with practically zero outlay).

Now here’s something that they’re not going to​ like – there’s no magic red button that spews out sales or​ opt-in subscribers while you​ pop off for a​ round of​ golf. the​ developers of​ such systems are using a​ clever psychological ploy to​ sell their worthless products/software (great for their bank account – not so good for you). I’m afraid real internet business promotion that yields long term effects takes a​ lot of​ EFFORT.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. in​ just ten minutes,​ I’m going to​ explain to​ you​ the​ genuine ways to​ promote your website that WORK. the​ downside? it​ also takes work to​ implement – but get it​ right and you’ll never be short of​ long term traffic,​ subscribers and sales.

We’re going to​ look at​ four largely free ways of​ drawing powerful,​ targeted prospects to​ your website.

FIRST – the​ key to​ successful search engine optimisation & submission.

Search engines remain one of​ the​ optimum ways of​ driving free,​ targeted prospects to​ your sites. in​ fact,​ over 600 million people are estimated to​ have used search engines to​ find their desired sites in​ 2018. However,​ the​ competition for top search engine placements is​ growing ever more intense as​ more and more sites are coming on​ to​ the​ world wide web. And so,​ search engines are bringing in​ ever more rigorous rules to​ rank quality sites and demote (or ban altogether) the​ rubbish spam sites.

So how can you​ ensure high rankings and ensure your site remains “clean” from the​ search engine regulators? First,​ remember one golden rule:

Search engines are meant to​ help people find genuine sites that are relevant to​ what they are searching for. Search engines don’t like to​ be tricked (and they can be venomous when they find out they have been). Make your site search engine friendly and you’ll be well ranked.

How? it​ all starts with finding the​ right keywords for your website niche. you​ can use the​ Overture keyword search tool to​ do this (free on​ the​ Overture site). you​ should also ensure that all your website pages are optimised individually (ie you​ should not have one standard set of​ keywords for all your pages – make them relevant to​ the​ individual page).

Once this has been done,​ you​ must hand submit your site to​ various search engines & directories. Hand submission may be more tedious but gets far better results than sites that are submitted automatically (beware – some auto-software and free search engine tools may damage your sites placement prospects with some search engines). Try and discover what specialist search engines are available for your website and submit to​ these too – they can be an​ excellent source of​ additional targeted prospects. This mix of​ submitting optimised website pages,​ submitting them to​ the​ right search engines along with having other high-traffic sites linking to​ yours will have an​ explosive result on​ your search engine placements. it​ can take time – but within a​ few weeks to​ a​ few months your correctly promoted site could be yielding far higher traffic than the​ competition.

SECOND – Write & post articles and submit these to​ article directories,​ portals,​ newsgroups & forums around the​ web.

Article writing is​ one of​ the​ best and lowest cost methods of​ generating a​ staggering amount of​ traffic to​ your websites. the​ idea is​ that you​ write an​ article closely related to​ your niche market and include your website URL in​ your signature file (the “advert” lines at​ the​ end). Publishers that post your article must also post your signature line and this can lead to​ a​ flood of​ genuinely interested prospects flowing to​ your website.

Article writing has been endorsed by some of​ the​ most prolific internet marketers of​ our time (such as​ Willie Crawford) who use them not only to​ get targeted prospects but also to​ build their lists,​ brand their name and ultimately inflate their sales.

The problem with article marketing is​ the​ time taken to​ submit articles. Writing an​ article can be done quickly – fifteen to​ twenty minutes isn’t unrealistic (or you​ can opt to​ have a​ ghost-writer create one for approximately $5 each) . That’s great,​ but there are literally thousands of​ directories,​ newsgroups,​ portals and forums to​ submit your articles to. to​ post to​ all the​ ones that would accept your work could take days of​ work (even with expensive software it’s time consuming and cumbersome). to​ post to​ only a​ few directories means that you’re cutting yourself out from the​ reach of​ 90% or​ more genuine prospects. you​ also need to​ regularly monitor new article directories and stop wasting time on​ those that are dead. It’s possible to​ use article submission services but this can run up to​ $100 or​ more depending on​ the​ reach and number of​ articles to​ be posted.

Writing articles also has a​ dual positive effect – not only do you​ get your site in​ front of​ countless of​ interested people but you​ also create backlinks with high traffic article directories and publishers which does wonders for your search engine placements. Even writing one or​ two articles a​ month and submitting them to​ the​ directories can have a​ major effect on​ your credibility,​ popularity and profitability.

THIRD – Use a​ short but effective press release to​ inform the​ world about your website.

It astounds me that press releases are not used more by website owners. There are several press release websites where you​ can submit your press release for free. Press releases are somewhat more “rigid” than articles and there’s more chance of​ your press release being rejected unless you​ follow the​ below guidelines.

To have your press release accepted,​ ensure that it’s concise and informative and not just one long sales pitch (you’re begging for a​ rejection if​ that’s what you​ submit). the​ press release should be written in​ a​ factual,​ non-hyped way. a​ carefully prepared release can lead to​ thousands upon thousands of​ new prospects pouring over your website so it’s well worth the​ effort to​ submit one in​ the​ right way.

FOURTH – a​ nicely crafted (free) viral eBook can lead to​ an​ endless number of​ prospects,​ subscribers & sales pouring into your site for years down the​ line.

Viral eBooks are wonderful internet business promotion tools. It’s fairly simple to​ create an​ eBook using Adobe or​ similar eBook creation tools. the​ trick here is​ NOT to​ compile a​ garbled collection of​ fluff but to​ create a​ genuinely quality piece of​ work that will impress your prospects and address their issues. you​ must make your free viral eBook as​ good as​ if​ you​ were paying for it​ because you​ will ultimately be judged on​ it’s quality – if​ it’s garbage then don’t expect many sign-ups or​ sales.

A good viral eBook can really have a​ wonderful effect on​ your internet business promotion efforts. the​ viral eBook can be uploaded to​ several free eBook sites,​ and it​ should be made clear that the​ book may be distributed freely in​ any way. Inside,​ your book should have a​ link to​ your newsletter opt in​ page and possibly your main products (do not stuff it​ with sales & affiliate links as​ it​ will portray you​ as​ some kind of​ greedy hack). Once submitted to​ the​ various eBook directories you​ can expect a​ long term stream of​ new opt in​ subscribers and customers from this one tactic alone. Some of​ my most responsive opt in​ lists have been created using this method. Viral eBooks also give your readers the​ illusion of​ you​ being the​ leader in​ your niche – a​ very important deciding factor when your potential customers are poised over the​ “buy now” button.

OK – that’s four of​ the​ best internet business promotion methods for you​ that work (and work well). I’m not saying that these methods do not take time to​ implement. Yes,​ you​ have to​ put in​ the​ effort and submit to​ countless places but believe me,​ the​ results will AMAZE you​ – and most of​ the​ methods mentioned above will keep providing you​ with new prospects and customers,​ for months and years after that initial nasty work has been done.

Isn’t it​ time you​ stopped with the​ gimmicks and did what really works for your internet business?

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