The Story Of My Amazing Dog Called Shandy

The Story Of My Amazing Dog Called Shandy

This is​ the​ story of​ my dog called Shandy. He was my favourite pet and he was very lively,​ lots of​ fun and very obedient. His main passion in​ life was to​ be taken for a​ long walk,​ culminating with a​ big run out in​ his favourite park.

I would try to​ take him on​ this walk everyday,​ weather permitting. the​ park itself was about three miles away from our house. to​ reach the​ park we had to​ cross a​ number of​ busy roads,​ however he would never pull or​ misbehave. He knew where we were heading and seemingly did not want to​ rock the​ boat and risk been taken home before he reached his dream destination.

At the​ park itself I would throw a​ ball and he would chase it​ and fetch it​ back to​ me.

At this stage I was living at​ home with my parents,​ however aged twenty two,​ I decided to​ rent my own bungalow near the​ coast in​ Devon. This was nearly two hundred miles away from my parents in​ home in​ Birmingham. This obviously meant I was no longer in​ the​ position to​ take Shandy on​ his walk.

I spoke to​ my parents,​ who reassured me that they would continue to​ take him on​ the​ walks.

Two weeks after I had left,​ I had a​ phone call from my mother. She was panicking,​ stating that Shandy had managed to​ escape from the​ back garden and that she could not find him. She insisted that she had been looking for hours but that there had been no sign of​ him.

I was quite worried and thought about where he may have gone to. "Have you​ been taking him on​ his walks to​ the​ park everyday?" I asked.

She replied: "Most days" I asked her to​ try at​ the​ park,​ telling her that he loves that park etc. "He would not be there,​ its miles away." She said.

I again asked her to​ try there. Luckily he was there quite happily sniffing around,​ unaware of​ the​ panic he had caused.

The Story Of My Amazing Dog Called Shandy

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