The Role Of Web Directories In Seo

SEO or​ search engine optimization is​ a​ big word these days. Everyone who owns a​ web site is​ desperate to​ make sure that they are getting the​ top positions in​ the​ web searches of​ the​ surfers around the​ world.

This is​ why so many large companies have sprung up offering to​ properly optimize a​ web site to​ give the​ owner the​ top engine rankings that they love so much. of​ course there is​ a​ lot that goes into such things and SEO is​ best left for someone who has the​ time and energy to​ make it​ happen.

There are many parts to​ SEO and a​ webmaster must stay on​ top of​ everything in​ this ever changing world. One thing to​ remember is​ that the​ search engines on​ the​ net are constantly changing the​ criteria for their searches. So one must take this into consideration and understand that SEO is​ never complete on​ any web page that is​ currently in​ operation.

Web directories play a​ highly important role in​ search engine optimization. Web directories are nothing more than large storage houses for web sites and their links. These storage houses hold the​ links in​ place until they are needed.

However,​ these directories are used by search engines in​ a​ big way which is​ something that a​ lot of​ people fail to​ understand. Marketing this usage is​ not something that is​ high on​ the​ list of​ priorities for most search engines. Their policies and strategies regarding the​ optimization are often times kept secret until some insider accidentally on​ purpose leaks the​ information to​ the​ masses.

Each link that is​ stored in​ a​ web directory is​ followed by a​ description. This description is​ the​ source file that the​ search engine spiders will use to​ properly catalog the​ site into their own directory to​ be used later on​ for pulling under search engine criteria.

So in​ essence they are using the​ information from the​ web directories to​ create their own directory and having a​ good time doing it. They do not have to​ suffer through the​ mess of​ having all of​ these sites submitted to​ them in​ one lump and have a​ great place for them to​ be stored until they are called for. This is​ the​ reason why so many SEO experts say that the​ submitting a​ web site to​ the​ web directories is​ the​ first and most important step in​ making sure that they are search engine optimized.

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