The Raw Dog Diet

The Raw Dog Diet
Have you​ ever wondered why dog food comes in​ this huge bag filled with tiny kibbles of​ compressed unknown ingredients? Much of​ what goes into dog food is​ not highquality in​ nature. Blood meal,​ bone meal,​ and fat frequently come from animal carcasses containing potentially harmful ​Drug​s or​ disease. is​ it​ time to​ consider something better for your dogs diet?
Before marketing and advertisers took over the​ world of​ big business,​ what did dogs eat? We take a​ look at​ how dogs in​ the​ wild gain adequate nutrition. a​ wolf,​ for example,​ survives from a​ kill. the​ contents of​ the​ animals stomach are eaten first. Doing this,​ the​ wolf takes in​ grains and vegetables,​ as​ well as,​ enzymes needed for good nutrition. Next,​ the​ wolf devours the​ meat and some bones. Protein and calcium have now been added to​ the​ diet. This natural diet in​ the​ wilderness has been effective in​ maintaining quality health over the​ years. Unlike the​ domesticated dogs of​ today,​ such animals generally have excellent immune systems.
When your dogs diet consists primarily of​ unhealthy animals,​ can you​ not assume that your dog will become unhealthy,​ as​ well? Today,​ veterinarians have seen more health problems with dogs than ever before.
The natural raw diet feeds the​ immune system of​ your pet. Your dogs diet will contain natural foods that provide the​ body what it​ needs to​ repair itself and perform at​ its best.
The raw diet is​ prepared one time a​ day. it​ is​ not complicated and well worth the​ time and effort to​ ensure the​ excellent health of​ your dog. Always consult your vet before altering your dogs diet. the​ raw dog diet has helped many dogs combat health issues such as​ arthritis,​ skin problems,​ and weight trouble.
Ingredients of​ the​ raw diet include meat,​ veggies,​ and grains. Approximately half of​ the​ diet is​ meat. Vegetables,​ fruit,​ and grain cover the​ rest.
When preparing the​ dogs diet,​ feed the​ dog about the​ same amount of​ the​ raw dog diet as​ you​ would kibble. This is​ a​ good starting point. From here,​ you​ can adjust the​ diet as​ necessary to​ meet your dogs specific needs.
Contact a​ local butcher to​ purchase ground turkey,​ for example. Each day prepare a​ bowl of​ 50% raw ground
Turkey with some wet oats. Juice some vegetables such as​ carrots and swiss chard and add the​ juice to​ the​ mix.
Juicing the​ vegetables helps to​ digest the​ enzymes for your pet. This is​ similar to​ the​ wolf consuming the​ contents from a​ stomach. Your dogs diet will need a​ variety of​ different vegetables daily to​ maximize the​ potential for best vitamins and nutrients.
Carrots should always be the​ base and alter other veggies daily. the​ carrots will regularly supply potassium,​ calcium,​ vitamin A,​ B,​ C,​ D,​ and E. Greens offer vitamin A,​ C,​ and chlorophyll. Apples are good for vitamin C.
Certain veggies have healing properties. Kale,​ for instance,​ helps to​ remedy digestive disorders. Watercress and mustard greens help to​ cleanse the​ intestines. Parsley helps the​ metabolism and thyroid. Celery has numerous advantages. it​ helps with chemical imbalances,​ blood flow,​ and is​ a​ natural diuretic. Beets are good for the​ blood. They offer copper and manganese.
Some foods to​ avoid include broccoli,​ cabbage,​ and turnips. These create intestinal gas. Cucumbers,​ onions,​ and potatoes do not digest well in​ a​ dogs diet.
Flaxseed is​ a​ fabulous addition to​ the​ raw diet to​ encourage healthy joints and coat. the​ omega 6 and 3 fatty acids help with such conditions.
The raw diet for your dog can combat several health issues. the​ natural diet allows your dog to​ eat what nature intended. you​ know what foods are in​ your dogs diet. the​ raw diet is​ high in​ quality and healthy for your pet.

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