The Ps3 Rumor Mill Upcoming Games And Rumors

The Ps3 Rumor Mill Upcoming Games And Rumors

The PS3 Rumor Mill: Upcoming Games and Rumors
The system looks amazing .​
Though the​ need to​ fix a​ few minor bugs resulted in​ the​ PlayStation 3’s release date being pushed back,​ this has not diminished the​ excitement over the​ console’s impending release .​
Even though the​ Sony PS3 is​ designed to​ be more than a​ video game system,​ but to​ be an​ entirely new leap in​ multi-media in​ general,​ that does not change the​ fact that everything starts with the​ gaming system,​ and the​ gamers need to​ be satisfied if​ Sony is​ going to​ keep its strong showing in​ the​ video game market place .​
So it​ is​ no surprise that the​ rumor mills are full of​ speculations,​ thought,​ fact,​ and hope on​ what series of​ games the​ new PS3 system is​ going to​ bring with it.
It is​ all but certain that the​ release of​ the​ PS3 will coincide with the​ release of​ the​ latest Grand Theft Auto game .​
This extremely controversial video game series may get protests and angry letters,​ but nevertheless it​ will also sell over a​ million copies because it​ has grown to​ include a​ huge following .​
Anytime a​ video game can create its own franchise,​ you can bet that a​ company is​ going to​ ride that as​ far as​ it​ will go .​
It’s simply supply and demand: as​ long as​ the​ demand exists a​ company will always rather invest in​ a​ game with a​ following than go out on​ a​ limb with a​ new title.
Along the​ same lines,​ rumor has it​ that the​ PS3 will also be releasing several other games that belong to​ their own series .​
Metal Gear Solid 4: Sons of​ the​ Patriots will be the​ newest,​ and final,​ game in​ the​ Metal Gear Solid series .​
Plans are also set up for the​ release of​ Resident Evil 5,​ Unreal Tournament 2007,​ and Devil May Cry 4 .​
By releasing a​ series of​ games like this,​ Sony is​ guaranteeing that fans of​ some very different types of​ video game sagas will all still have a​ reason to​ purchase this system .​
One of​ the​ most popular rumors,​ though this one has yet to​ show any proof,​ is​ that Sony is​ looking to​ re-make Final Fantasy 7,​ one of​ the​ most popular installments of​ maybe the​ most popular video game series in​ history,​ and write the​ programming to​ work on​ a​ PS3 with all new and more advanced graphics .​
If this rumor pans out,​ it​ would be a​ dream come true for many an​ RPG fan.

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