The Power Of Local Email Marketing

The Power Of Local Email Marketing

As a​ local business owner you​ realize the​ opportunities available on​ the​ Web,​ but you​ probably do not have the​ time or​ money to​ invest into a​ full blown web presence. the​ obstacles and costs in​ building a​ web site keep many local businesses on​ the​ sideline.

But as​ a​ local business there is​ an​ opportunity to​ exploit the​ marketing power of​ the​ Internet at​ little or​ no cost,​ and it​ does not require a​ web presence.

Through email marketing you​ can have a​ direct conduit to​ both your customers and prospects. you​ may think email marketing is​ complicated,​ but that is​ a​ misconception. if​ you​ are already using email to​ correspond,​ then you​ are quite capable of​ advertising through virtual mail. in​ fact,​ if​ you​ are communicating to​ your customers through email,​ in​ a​ sense you​ are already marketing online. you​ are probably aware that a​ small amount of​ customer communication can be very profitable,​ and email can generate considerable income.

All you​ need to​ do is​ start collecting customer emails,​ and send them occasional promotions or​ sale updates. the​ email advertisements do not need to​ be coded in​ html,​ plain text messages are quite acceptable.

So how do you​ start down the​ road to​ Internet marketing success? you​ begin by simply collecting customer email addresses,​ with their permission. Permission email marketing is​ a​ requirement. it​ is​ referred to​ as​ opt-in marketing. at​ all stages of​ email marketing you​ MUST respect your customers and their privacy. Only when they have accepted your request to​ send information,​ should you​ forward email promotions.

How do you​ Collect Customer Emails?

You simply ask! as​ a​ local business owner you​ are constantly in​ touch with customers and prospects,​ either in​ person or​ on​ the​ phone. as​ a​ retail business you​ could have a​ clipboard by your register or​ pre-printed index cards that your customers can fill-out. as​ a​ service business you​ just ask for their email address when you​ make contact.

What's in​ it​ for Your Customers?

The opportunity to​ save money or​ be notified of​ special offers. People are always looking for a​ bargain,​ and through email you​ can keep them informed on​ the​ latest deals,​ in​ addition you​ can alert them to​ new services or​ products. This is​ very appealing. And customers will perceive this as​ a​ value added service,​ that makes doing business with you​ more appealing.

How Difficult is​ Email Marketing?

It is​ quite simple. if​ you​ email friends or​ family,​ you​ are quite capable of​ marketing through email. Initially your list will be small so you​ can manage it​ through the​ use of​ your current email client like MicroSoft Outlook. you​ place your customer emails in​ a​ "group,​" compose a​ message,​ and hit the​ send button. Not exactly rocket science. (Note: Make sure you​ use the​ "blind box" feature.)

But from the​ start,​ you​ may want to​ consider using a​ professional email management service like They have a​ service that is​ free for lists that are under 50. Their next level handles up to​ 500,​ and cost only $15 per month. a​ service like Constant Contact simplifies the​ management of​ your list. These types of​ services offer features like tracking,​ reporting,​ templates and customer support. in​ addition,​ they automate the​ process of​ people opting out of​ your list. an​ important factor with permission email marketing.

What Results Can you​ Expect?

Think about the​ potential profit from simply keeping your customers informed. This is​ not invasive advertising,​ but permission marketing,​ where your customers have willingly given their consent to​ receive your advertisements. it​ is​ like they are saying,​ "Please allow me to​ spend more money with your business."

If you​ already have a​ web site then you​ will also want to​ add an​ opt-in box. Give your site visitors an​ opportunity to​ join your promotional list. Many will.

From a​ marketing perspective it​ doesn't get anymore targeted then this. And your advertising costs are insignificant. a​ perfect example is​ a​ local wine store owner who works her list twice a​ week with special promotions. She makes a​ killing,​ and often sells out her promotional inventory through email alone.

As a​ local business owner there are opportunities and there are golden opportunities. This one is​ solid 24 karat. It's simple,​ direct and very profitable. And yet few local businesses are taking advantage of​ email marketing. Why not lead the​ pack.

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