The Pitfalls Of Email Marketing

The Pitfalls Of Email Marketing

Email marketing gets a​ bad rap. the​ controversy about email marketing is​ a​ quagmire that leaves many business owners in​ confusion in​ its wake.

According to​ a​ new study by the​ Direct Marketing Association,​ email marketing delivers the​ highest return on​ investment of​ all media available to​ marketers. the​ study also projects that
email driven sales in​ the​ United States will show a​ compound annual growth rate of​ 14.9% between 2018 and 2011. But,​ statistics like that only bring about real understanding when the​ outcome of​ email marketing impacting long term customer-relationship-based revenue streams is​ fully known.

Patrick Valtin*,​ sales & marketing expert,​ president of​ M2-TEC USA,​ INC. and founder of​ one of​ the​ largest consulting company in​ Europe called U-MAN BELGIUM claims email marketing is​ highly profitable if​ done correctly. the​ main mistake is​ trying to​ convert a​ prospect when embarking on​ email marketing,​ he says. the​ direction one should take is​ instead is​ trying to​ attract a​ qualified prospect.

Attract first,​ don’t try to​ convert. It’s actually common sense if​ you​ think about it. What if​ some one came up to​ you​ and said BUY THIS with no enticement as​ to​ what it​ was and what it​ could do for you? Would you​ buy (convert)? Probably not. But say a​ girl scout comes to​ your door with a​ tray of​ cookies for you​ to​ pick one to​ sample. Did she entice you,​ attract your attention first? Yep,​ mostly likely. And how many boxes did you​ buy? And moreover,​ how many will you​ buy year after year after year on​ a​ regular basis?

Those emails that do attract your attention and entice you​ by putting that cookie in​ front of​ you​ to​ nibble on​ – those are the​ successful approaches.

That begs the​ question if​ they already are opt-in prospects,​ do you​ still have to​ attract - aren’t they already qualified prospects if​ they are in​ your database?

Not always,​ according to​ Patrick. Patrick points out the​ best ROI approach to​ email marketing is​ to​ promote to​ inactive prospects and sleeping customers in​ your data base with the​ purpose to​ get them active - to​ turn them into (entice them to​ be) regular,​ loyal customers. Sleeping customers should also be treated as​ prospects. Old,​ inactive prospects were curious enough to​ inquire into your company to​ begin with. That is​ the​ crucial point as​ Valtin explains. “The biggest false data out there is​ the​ saying ‘they were just curious’ as​ to​ the​ reason a​ prospect didn’t close. Look up curious in​ the​ dictionary – it​ is​ interest.” So curiosity is​ interest. it​ is​ up to​ you​ to​ entice them even further so they become “sold”. Sold equates to​ being a​ repeat customer.

Valtin goes on​ to​ say that the​ ways to​ first attract prospects are done with classical marketing techniques before email marketing comes into the​ picture: pay-per-click advertising,​ search engine optimization with your website,​ direct mail marketing – the​ “more traditional” forms are the​ channels used to​ attract. Then once you​ get a​ prospect or​ even a​ first-time customer you​ can start email marketing to​ them.

Once your prospects are on​ your opt-in list,​ you​ have to​ entice. Just on​ a​ different level. you​ have their interest – now hook them.

Three common mistakes in​ email marketing are:

• Trying to​ sell through the​ marketing email. you​ have to​ cut the​ gradient to​ attract and then convert. the​ question is: what will motivate them to​ join your list?

• Making the​ subject line too ambiguous; using trite phrases that are actually considered SPAM. What you​ have to​ watch,​ Valtin also warns,​ is​ “too hot or​ too juicy is​ looked upon as​ SPAM by search engine spiders.”


• Not being consistent with “From” address line. From very beginning,​ the​ “From” line should be consistent. Even here there is​ a​ need to​ have instant recognition.

With customers receiving an​ average 400 emails per week and checking their email an​ average of​ 4 times per day,​ it​ is​ no wonder that email marketing has taken off. But don’t fall in​ the​ trap of​ using it​ incorrectly. According to​ Valtin,​ when you​ screw up on​ email marketing lines with prospects or​ customers,​ you​ get cut off and most likely don’t get another chance. It’s too easy to​ junk your email address and be shut off from further communication.

Three Valtin tips for being successful in​ email marketing are:

• Make the​ subject line personalized. “How would you​ like a​ free weekend in​ Acapulco” compared with “Dear Jane,​ how would you….” increases by 200-300% your chances it​ will be opened. (Note: opened not converted…but attracted.)

• Make one-time customers into repeat customers. Offer an​ exclusive newsletter only for customers with highly valuable content.

• Have an​ option for people who subscribe to​ your newsletter to​ systematically send it​ to​ a​ friend which acts as​ a​ referral and consequently per Valtin,​ makes it​ viral. SPAM legislation still requires those friends to​ opt-in before you​ can start emailing to​ them,​ but the​ referral raises your credibility and will give you​ more bang for your buck!

Valtin says there are many more principles to​ learn about email marketing. Having studied marketing and sales trends for the​ last 35 years,​ he packs a​ lot of​ lore under his Belgian skull. Understanding the​ outcome of​ email marketing impacting long term customer-relationship-based revenue streams is​ his forte. He teaches email marketing at​ marketing boot camps organized by Joy Gendusa,​ CEO of​ PostcardMania,​ and Marsha Friedman,​ CEO of​ Event Management Services,​ Inc. to​ business professionals nationwide.

“Permission-based email communications can solidify existing relationships,​ initiate new ones and convert one-time clients into long-term customers,​” Valtin advises. “Relationship-building emails leverage the​ investment you​ are making in​ all other forms of​ marketing,​ allowing you​ to​ grow your business more efficiently.”

* Patrick Valtin is​ a​ renowned international consultant/trainer,​ specialized in​ human resources and business performance. He managed a​ consulting and training business for 18 years,​ directly trained 60,​000 people in​ more than 25 countries. He is​ the​ author of​ the​ NE ERA SELLING® System: a​ down-to-earth,​ effective approach to​ constant sales success; and the​ RECRUTECH® System,​ a​ practical,​ result-proven recruitment procedure. Over 40,​000 sales professionals have been trained by Patrick Valtin,​ in​ more than 20 countries around the​ world. Professionals having attended Patrick’s sales seminars include representatives of: BMW,​ Renault,​ Peugeot,​ Mercedes,​ Toyota,​ Ford,​ Century 21,​ Electricite de France,​ Gaz de France,​ France Telecom,​ Assurance Generale,​ Zurich Insurance,​ AIG,​ Motorola,​ American Hospital Supply,​ Travenol,​ Unilever,​ Lendl,​ Coffee Lavazza,​ etc.

The Pitfalls Of Email Marketing

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