The One Right Way To Lose Weight And Stay Well

The One Right Way To Lose Weight And Stay Well

Most Americans have the​ same problem when it​ comes to​ losing weight and staying well. the​ foods we​ like in​ our culture are,​ for the​ most part,​ terrible for us.

* Chocolate milkshake
* Chicken fried steak with steak fries
* Grilled hamburger with the​ works
* Mom's favorite pie

I hope I'm not making you too hungry. You may not LOVE the​ items I just listed,​ but it's a​ sure bet 90 percent of​ those reading this article could easily down at​ least one of​ those items RIGHT NOW!

The problem is,​ these items are sky high in​ fat and other not-so-good-for-you ingredients,​ plus low in​ fiber. it​ seems like EVERYTHING that tastes good isn't good for us.

If you don't believe me,​ read the​ ingredient tables on​ all the​ "low-fat" foods at​ the​ supermarket. Almost all of​ them have much higher levels of​ fat than you would guess. Keep reading tables and you'll likely get a​ little depressed. When I tried this exercise,​ I left thinking that carrots were the​ only truly low fat item in​ the​ store.

One way to​ get the​ right idea about healthy food is​ to​ think about what we​ would eat if​ we​ didn't have a​ supermarket up the​ street. Think about what great,​ great grandma ate on​ the​ farm 100 years ago before all today's convenience foods took over.

Chances are you would eat vegetables you grew in​ your backyard. You might occasionally dine on​ chicken you had raised yourself. Cows were very expensive in​ most areas,​ so it's unlikely you would eat beef more than a​ few times a​ year. if​ you could catch a​ fish,​ you might eat that,​ and it​ wouldn't be deep fried!

Get the​ picture? That's how almost all peoples of​ the​ world ate until very recently. Humans were designed to​ eat vegetables and fruits mostly,​ with very little preparation and no additives.

Steer your diet toward that kind of​ old fashioned thinking and you'll be surprised how your weight goes down and your health improves.

And while you're at​ it,​ remember that it's been only fairly recently that people had automobiles. I'll bet when your city was founded,​ most people walked everywhere they went. And that's the​ other part of​ the​ equation. Get regular exercise to​ lose weight and improve your health. You don't have to​ be an​ athlete,​ just get out and walk for a​ while several times per week.

Try these common sense methods and you'll be surprised how well they work.

The One Right Way To Lose Weight And Stay Well

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