The Olympic Games The History Of The Olympic Games

Olympics or​ the​ Olympic Games is​ a​ multi-sports event which takes place once in​ four years and comprises of​ winter and summer games. it​ is​ an​ international event and almost all the​ countries in​ the​ globe participate in​ the​ games.

The first Olympic game was held in​ the​ year 776 BC in​ Olympia,​ Greece. the​ games were held in​ Greece till 393 AD. Subsequently in​ 1896,​ Pierre Fredy,​ Baron de Coubertin,​ a​ French nobleman revived the​ games which heralded the​ beginning of​ the​ Modern Olympic Games.

Starting from 1896,​ Games of​ the​ Olympiad or​ the​ Summer Olympics were held once in​ four years except during the​ World War 1 and 2.

The Olympic Winter Games,​ a​ special edition of​ winter sports was first held in​ 1924. in​ the​ beginning,​ both summer and winter editions of​ the​ Olympic Games were held simultaneously. From 1944 onwards the​ summer and winter games have been held two years apart.

The origin of​ the​ ancient Olympic Games was surrounded by many legends. the​ ancient Greek concept of​ Olympic Truce is​ one such legend associated with the​ Olympic Games. the​ Olympic Games reached their zenith during fifth and sixth century BC.

The Olympic Games were held in​ honour of​ Pelops a​ mythical king and divine hero of​ the​ Greeks. Poems were written and statues were created immortalizing the​ winners of​ the​ events in​ the​ Olympic Games. Milo of​ Croton,​ a​ wrestler in​ the​ sixth century BC,​ was the​ only victorious athlete in​ six Olympic Games.

After the​ Romans captured power in​ Greece,​ there was a​ gradual decline in​ the​ importance of​ the​ Olympic Games. the​ Emperor Theodosius banned the​ Olympic Games in​ 393 CE citing the​ games as​ a​ Pagan Festival not suitable for the​ Christian Ethics.

Even though the​ Greek ceremonies included the​ bearing of​ a​ torch as​ its integral aspect,​ it​ was not included in​ the​ ancient Olympic Games. This was introduced later as​ a​ part of​ the​ modern Olympic Games.

In the​ 2004 Summer Olympics held in​ Athens,​ nearly 11,​100 contestants from 202 countries participated in​ various events whereas there were only 245 participants from 15 nations in​ the​ 1896 edition of​ the​ Olympic Games. the​ Olympic Games has become one of​ the​ biggest events for the​ media. in​ the​ Sydney Olympics held in​ 2000,​ more than 16,​000 journalists presented the​ events in​ various media format while 3.8 billion people watched the​ games on​ Television.

Munich Olympics held in​ 1972 saw the​ first act of​ terrorism in​ the​ .Olympic Games. Subsequently the​ Summer Olympics held in​ Atlanta,​ Georgia in​ 1996,​ and the​ Winter Olympics held in​ Salt Lake City,​ Utah in​ 2002 were also subjected to​ acts of​ terrorism.

For the​ Olympic Games scheduled to​ take place in​ London in​ 2012,​ 26 sports are included.

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