The Most Addicting Games On The Planet

The Most Addicting Games On The Planet

If you're an​ avid gamer,​ you' probably enjoy most genres of​ games and puzzles. Someone asks if​ you'd like to​ play,​ and you immediately say,​ "I'm in!" in​ an​ admittedly informal survey of​ avid gamers (and after some very heated discussions),​ here are the​ games that they claimed were among the​ most addicting games on​ the​ planet.

Video Games

When it​ came to​ addicting video games,​ many of​ my gamer friends voted for the​ Legend of​ Zelda: Twilight Princess (for the​ GameCube) and WarioWare: Smooth Moves (for the​ Wii). the​ guys in​ the​ crowd were partial to​ the​ Burnout Series and the​ Gran Turismo series (for the​ Playstation). And those who were into role-playing games were vocal in​ their support of​ Castlevania: Symphony of​ the​ Night (on the​ Xbox 360).

Board Games

All of​ my gamer friends love to​ play board games,​ and most named Monopoly as​ one of​ the​ most addicting games on​ the​ planet. Other traditional board games that ranked high included Scrabble and Risk. Some mentioned unique board games,​ such as​ Axis & Allies and Starfarers of​ Catan,​ while others stuck with Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit.

Card Games

When it​ came to​ card games,​ more than a​ few of​ my gamer friends admitted to​ having stayed up all night playing poker. Several owned high-end poker chip sets and planned their activities around their monthly poker games. There weren't any bridge players in​ the​ group,​ but several mentioned learning old-time card games from their parents and grandparents. the​ fondly reminisced about playing card games of​ canasta,​ rummy,​ hearts,​ and spades as​ they were growing up.

Kid's Games

All of​ my gamer friends said that they came from game-playing families,​ and that they started playing games when they were very young. Aside from card games like Old Maid and Crazy Eights,​ most ranked Chutes and Ladders,​ Sorry!,​ and checkers as​ all-time favorites. Those with kids said that some of​ the​ newer games for kids,​ like Cranium Cadoo and Pictionary Junior,​ were big hits at​ home,​ although one said that her daughter loved jigsaw puzzles more than any particular game - and had over 50 in​ her collection!

Strategy Games

When the​ subject of​ strategy games came up,​ there was an​ intense discussion of​ the​ merits of​ checkers,​ chess,​ and backgammon. the​ chess players in​ the​ group dismissed checkers as​ too simple,​ while the​ checkers players argued that the​ chess players were just brainiacs. Everyone did agree,​ though,​ that backgammon was one of​ the​ most addicting games on​ the​ planet.

Party Games

Naturally,​ all of​ my gamer friends often attended "game night" parties,​ and all agreed that 25 Words or​ Less and Taboo were two of​ the​ most addicting games on​ the​ planet. For more organized fun,​ many voted for Bunco,​ a​ mindless dice game played by 12 or​ more players. Everyone vouched for the​ fact that Bunco allows you to​ visit with friends while rolling the​ dice,​ accumulating points,​ and periodically screaming "Bunco!"

Obviously,​ every gamer is​ unique and has his or​ her own personal list of​ the​ most addicting games on​ the​ planet. But if​ you haven't dabble in​ those that my gamer friends recommend,​ give them a​ try - you might find them addicting as​ well!

The Most Addicting Games On The Planet

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