The Many Uses Of Chain Link Dog Run Kennels

The Many Uses Of Chain Link Dog Run Kennels

Dog is​ man's best friend,​ but sometimes we don't treat dogs like friends. Instead,​ many dogs are either cooped up in​ inadequate spaces or​ they're let to​ run loose in​ unsafe environments. Likewise,​ while some dogs can be left unattended others require a​ confined environment until their owner returns. There is​ a​ very simple and economical solution to​ this and that is​ a​ chain link dog run kennel.

What is​ a​ chain link dog kennel? it​ is​ a​ freestanding outdoor enclosure that has a​ galvanized steel frame and durable chain link wire mesh. it​ is​ portable and can be set in​ less than half an​ hour with no tools other than a​ set of​ pliers. Once assembled,​ it​ provides a​ secure outdoor containment area where dogs can play and enjoy the​ fresh air.

How big is​ a​ portable dog run? That varies. Kennels for small dogs or​ for use on​ a​ pickup truck bed may be four by four feet and four feet high. Kennels used in​ backyards or​ other open areas may be as​ large as​ ten by six feet and six feet high while still remaining portable. Even a​ large animal cage only weighs between 100 and 150 pounds and can easily be disassembled and moved elsewhere.

One potential problem with a​ smaller dog exercise pen is​ exposure to​ the​ sun. if​ a​ kennel is​ set up in​ the​ shade that's generally not an​ issue,​ but just to​ be safe it's best to​ use a​ cover. Most of​ the​ leading kennel products come with some sort of​ flexible cover. Covers should be UV-treated and offer good sun block protection so that dogs are kept cool and comfortable. Dog kennel covers are usually made of​ polypropylene,​ polyethylene or​ some other durable fabric and held in​ place with simple cable ties. if​ wind or​ other side exposure is​ an​ issue,​ covers can also be used for sidewalls.

Another thing to​ keep in​ mind is​ that portable dog kennels are meant to​ be a​ convenience for both dogs and dog owners,​ but they are not prisons. So always make sure that the​ kennel is​ large enough for your dog and the​ intended purpose. Also,​ while portable kennels are well made and sturdy,​ some training may be required to​ accustom the​ animal to​ the​ kennel and keep it​ from potentially harmful escape attempts. Likewise,​ portable kennels are not designed to​ contain aggressive dogs. if​ stability is​ an​ issue,​ there are anchor kits that can keep a​ kennel in​ place,​ or​ it​ can be installed on​ a​ specially constructed base.

The use of​ these chain link-type enclosures is​ not limited to​ dogs. They can also be used for other animals,​ including birds and poultry,​ or​ as​ an​ enclosure for whatever it​ is​ you​ want to​ keep safe from young children or​ roaming animals. Potential uses are endless,​ and the​ modularity and ease of​ assembly make chain link dog kennels a​ flexible solution for any number of​ projects.

So whether you​ want to​ keep your dog from digging up your herb garden,​ provide safe transportation,​ or​ simply want to​ provide your canine companion with a​ convenient open-air environment while you​ are away,​ portable chain link dog run kennels are an​ inexpensive and practical solution.

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