The Many Benefits Of Learning A Language

if​ you​ have a​ little extra cash and​ extra time, then investing it​ is​ always a​ great idea. No, it​ does not mean that you​ will have to​ get a​ sideline or​ put up your​ own business. There are loads of​ ways to​ invest them. Heck, you​ can even invest them in​ yourself. Investing in​ one's self is​ never a​ waste as​ one way or​ another you​ will be able to​ use it​ for​ your​ advantage when the situation​ calls for​ it. One of​ the few ways is​ to​ learn a​ new language. it​ could sound a​ bit difficult but as​ long as​ you​ are willing to​ learn, then it​ would make everything else easy.

So first, you​ have to​ convince yourself to​ learn a​ new language. Knowing how to​ speak in​ different tongues has a​ lot of​ perks! Now, you​ don't have to​ do that anymore because below is​ a​ list of​ reasons, especially compiled for​ you, on​ why you​ should learn a​ new language.


of​ course, the business industry is​ the broadest one all-over the world. Billions of​ people buy and​ sell, and​ you​ are definitely not an​ exception. After all, globalization​ is​ a​ trend nowadays. Everyone is​ connected so if​ you​ want your​ business to​ flourish, you​ can do it​ by being multilingual. Business transactions with a​ Chinese customer are made easier and​ faster. on​ the other hand, if​ you​ want your​ client to​ learn your​ language instead, then it​ might take you​ years or​ never at​ all to​ finish those transactions. you​ should avoid being stubborn. Being able to​ reach out to​ your​ clients is​ an​ asset. So your​ effort, money and​ time in​ learning that new language are not wasted at​ all. Who knows, that client might recommend you​ to​ his or​ her friends.


if​ you​ are still in​ school, then this​ is​ your​ chance to​ make good friends with guys from around the country. That foreign exchange student could be your​ long lost soul mate, who knows? Learning a​ new language could help you​ climb your​ way up to​ being the most popular kid in​ school. Besides being able to​ have a​ lot of​ friends can improve your​ networking so that you​ can have a​ lot of​ connections when you​ finally join​ the corporate world. Connections are very important, especially in​ a​ dog-eat-dog world. So start young and​ make with as​ many friends as​ you​ can. They could be Asians, Russians, Koreans and​ Puerto Ricans. Don't be choosy. They could help you​ in​ the future.


in​ the process of​ learning a​ new language, you​ will not only learn, but also have fun. you​ will meet new friends while this​ of​ course will depend if​ you​ are studying in​ a​ school or​ someplace where you​ can converse with someone going through the same process as​ you​ are. you​ will also have fun knowing new words. Some words are said in​ a​ very different way or​ tone. for​ instance, though they still speak English, the Aussies have that certain​ accent. The Japanese, too, have an​ accent and​ can't quite pronounce the letters L and​ R. Some words also, even if​ they sound or​ are spelled the same way, mean another thing.

Job opportunities

When you​ started young, just like mentioned above, or​ if​ you​ are already multilingual because your​ parents have different nationalities, then you​ should be grateful. When applying for​ a​ sought-after position, employers or​ the human resources department have a​ hard time choosing over hundreds of​ job applicants. So the only way to​ pick out THE ONE is​ to​ look for​ that person​ who stands out. Now, that would never be a​ problem for​ you. you​ would definitely stand​ out since you​ already have that edge of​ being able to​ speak in​ different tongues. and​ other than that, you​ are more versatile. you​ can get into the arts easily. Being multilingual may seem like you​ are pretty much exposed to​ different cultures.

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