The Many Benefits Of Learning French

The Many Benefits Of Learning French

Why Learn to​ Speak French?

French is​ the second most taught language in​ the world only after English. French as​ well as​ English is​ the official working language of​ the International Red Cross, NATO, the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee and​ many other International Organizations. and​ France was the United States first ally.

There is​ no secret to​ learning a​ new foreign language. it​ requires a​ commitment to​ daily practice, energy and​ patience. French is​ a​ difficult language to​ learn because many sounds are very different from English. French pronunciation​ is​ very tricky because there are a​ lot of​ silent letters and​ it​ uses nasal sounds which we do not use in​ English.

The Best Ways to​ Learn French

The best way to​ learn to​ learn French is​ to​ travel to​ France and​ study at​ a​ language school. That is​ the total immersion​ method and​ the most effective to​ quickly learn French. When you​ are in​ France then you​ must speak French throughout the course of​ your​ day.

Thee next best option​ to​ learn French would be to​ take a​ class at​ your​ local community college. it​ should be taught by a​ native speaker and​ you​ will make new friends and​ you​ will learn to​ correctly pronounce the new sounds that go along with learning French. Another great option​ is​ on​ line French lessons if​ you​ can commit to​ be tied to​ your​ computer for​ an​ hour each day. The most flexible way to​ learn French is​ an​ audio course. By having the lessons on​ CD or​ in​ MP3 files you​ can take them along in​ your​ personal CD or​ MP3 player and​ practice while driving, working out or​ walking. The down side to​ this​ method is​ that you​ still need to​ find a​ French speaker to​ practice with. Some courses mainly focus on​ vocabulary and​ grammar. if​ you​ want to​ learn French you​ really need to​ start speaking it​ right away.

Quick Tips on​ Practicing French

Check if​ your​ local community college has a​ French club then you​ could have other French speakers to​ practice with on​ a​ weekly basis. you​ could also see if​ any members of​ your​ church speak French and​ ask them out for​ lunch or​ coffee and​ practice with them.

Buy or​ rent French films. By hearing the language you​ quickly become familiar with the different sounds that you​ will need to​ be learning anyway. Listen to​ French audio lessons daily.

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