The Many Benefits Of Infrared Saunas

if​ you've always wanted a​ sauna but were intimidated by the high electrical bills and​ intense temperatures generated by traditional saunas, you​ should investigate infrared saunas. They use a​ new technology with substantial advantages and​ they are increasingly popular.

The idea of​ a​ sauna, of​ course, is​ relaxation​ and​ rejuvenation. Traditional saunas do that by generating steam and​ high temperatures between 180 and​ 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Infrared saunas generate heat like the soothing heat of​ the sun, only without harmful ultraviolet rays. Technically, infrared is​ electromagnetic radiation​ with wavelengths longer than visible light and​ shorter than radio waves. Infrared penetrates the skin​ about an​ inch and​ a​ half deep and​ heats it​ directly. as​ a​ result, infrared saunas run at​ only 110 to​ 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but generate the same relaxation​ and​ health benefits, and​ then some.

for​ example, did you​ know that infrared saunas can offer pain​ relief as​ tissues are heated, blood vessels dilate? The result is​ a​ reduction​ in​ muscle spasms, stiffness in​ joints and​ general aches and​ pains from such conditions as​ fibromyalgia and​ arthritis. Similarly, the increased blood circulation​ in​ the skin​ can improve its elasticity, texture, and​ tone. Studies also show that if​ muscle tissue is​ stretched while heated, it​ retains the extra elasticity much longer. Amazing though it​ may sound, heat therapy in​ an​ infrared sauna even improves cardiovascular conditioning by increasing heart rate as​ the body attempts to​ cool itself via sweating. this​ can even have a​ positive impact on​ high blood pressure. this​ same cardiovascular workout, resulting in​ sweating, also burns calories. a​ single infrared sauna session​ can burn the equivalent in​ calories of​ running two to​ three miles. Although there are many reasons to​ own a​ sauna, weight loss is​ an​ added bonus.

in​ terms of​ infrared sauna health benefits, perhaps the most important is​ the detoxification​ that occurs as​ the deep heat penetration​ helps remove toxins stored in​ fat cells. Most people do not know that our skin​ is​ actually also our largest organ, acting very much like a​ third kidney. in​ fact, recent research suggests that individuals exposed to​ carcinogenic toxins may well benefit from infrared sauna therapy, as​ it​ helps flush out harmful substances.

Firefighters, the often-unsung heroes in​ our daily lives, are an​ excellent example. Few people know that firefighter health risks go well beyond getting wounded while working in​ burning buildings. Smoke inhalation​ and​ exposure to​ noxious chemicals and​ a​ large variety of​ carcinogenics can have devastating long-term effects. in​ fact, firefighters are at​ a​ far greater risk of​ developing cancer from exposure than the general population.

for​ a​ firefighter, detoxification​ can be a​ life-saving regimen, and​ again​ infrared saunas can help. in​ addition​ to​ some researchers' belief that infrared therapy can stimulate our bodies' immune system, tumor cells are thought to​ have less tolerance to​ heat than healthy cells. and​ infrared saunas' ability to​ detox the body by flushing out toxins stored in​ the skin​ helps get rid of​ residuals from exposure to​ diesel exhaust, chloroform, soot, styrene, benzene and​ carcinogenic heavy metals. Infrared saunas can also be beneficial in​ burn care, another professional firefighter hazard.

Be it​ detox and​ ridding your​ body of​ harmful chemicals, getting a​ good workout, or​ simply seeking deep, soothing relaxation, infrared saunas are a​ remarkably effective and​ beneficial means to​ good health.

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