The Many Benefits Of Green Tea Extract

The Benefits of​ Green Tea Extract: Anti-Aging, Anti-Cancer, Weight Control

One of​ the great advancements in​ nutrition​ in​ the twenty-first century is​ the scientific confirmation​ of​ the many benefits of​ green tea extract. Here are just a​ few. Green tea:

  • Lowers cholesterol

  • Slows arthritis

  • Prevents the growth of​ cancer cells

  • Assists weight loss

What accounts for​ the health benefits of​ green tea extract? Over 1,800 scientific studies have found that the active constituents in​ green tea are powerful antioxidants. These are called polyphenols (catechins) and​ flavonols. Epigallocatechin​ gallate (you​ can just call it​ EGCG) is​ the most powerful of​ these antioxidants.
Milligram for​ milligram, EGCG has 25 to​ 100 times the antioxidant power of​ vitamins C and​ E. a​ cup of​ green tea has more antioxidants than a​ serving of​ broccoli, spinach, carrots or​ strawberries.

These abundant antioxidants power the benefits of​ green tea extract. They keep DNA intact and​ they stabilize the membranes of​ cells. These effects of​ green tea make it​ a​ powerful support in​ many health conditions. Let's look at​ the benefits of​ green tea supplements in​ more detail.

Green tea has been shown to​ lower "bad" LDL cholesterol and​ serum triglyceride levels.

Who would have imagined that simple green tea could be as​ potent as​ Lipitor or​ Zocor or​ Crestin​ with none of​ their side effects? Scientific studies show that middle-aged men and​ women in​ Japan who drink 2 or​ more cups of​ green tea a​ day almost always have normal cholesterol. Scientists have also recently reported that if​ you​ drink green tea after you​ eat a​ fatty food, less cholesterol will go into you​ bloodstream.

and​ if​ you​ have high cholesterol when you​ begin​ taking green tea supplements, your​ body will convert less of​ it​ into a​ form that clogs your​ arteries.

Green tea protects your​ joints against osteoarthritis.

this​ is​ one of​ the least known but most beneficial effects of​ green tea extract. Green tea prevents inflammation. When there is​ less inflammation, there is​ less wear and​ tear on​ your​ joints.

Green tea prevents the growth of​ cancer cells.

The EGCG in​ green tea prevents cancer cells from growing by binding to​ a​ specific enzyme. this​ health benefit of​ green tea is​ especially important in​ cancers of​ the prostate, breast, and​ lung.

Researchers studied two groups of​ men who a​ pre-cancerous condition​ of​ the prostate. One consumed the equivalent of​ 12 to​ 15 cups of​ green tea a​ day. One did not. One year later, 30% of​ the men who did not consume green tea supplements developed prostate cancer. Only 3% of​ the men who took green tea supplements developed cancer.

Another of​ the benefits of​ green tea extract is​ support for​ women who have breast cancer. Green tea provides chemicals that bind estrogen. this​ hormone is​ not then free to​ stimulate breast cancer cells.

Women who consume the greatest amount of​ green tea before menopause have the least severe forms of​ breast cancer when the disease occurs. Women who drink green tea are less likely to​ have recurrences of​ breast cancer after treatment. and​ most important of​ all, women who consume green tea are 50% less likely to​ develop breast cancer at​ all.

Another of​ the benefits of​ green tea extract is​ protection​ against lung cancer.
The Japanese have both the highest rate of​ smoking and​ the lowest rate of​ lung cancer in​ the developed world. Japanese smokers who consume a​ lot of​ green tea seem to​ be protected against lung cancer.

and​ green tea can even help you​ lose weight. in​ a​ clinical trial, men eating a​ high-fat diet were given enough green tea provide the caffeine in​ a​ single cup of​ coffee. Although this​ amount of​ caffeine has no effect on​ weight loss, when the caffeine comes from green tea, it​ is​ highly significant.

The green tea supplement boosted the number of​ calories burned by 4.5%. While this​ is​ just 135 calories a​ day, the study showed that taking green supplements could help the average man on​ a​ high-fat diet lose 18 lbs (8 kg) in​ a​ year's time. it​ could help the average woman on​ a​ high-fat diet lose 11 pounds (5 kg). this​ is​ without eating less or​ exercising more.

How Can I Take Green Tea?

The benefits of​ green tea extract are greatest if​ you​ take green tea supplements rather than drink green tea. a​ study in​ the December 2018 edition​ of​ the American Journal of​ Clinical Nutrition​ confirmed that green supplements get more antioxidants into your​ bloodstream that drinking green tea. Two capsules of​ green tea extract a​ day can provide all the benefits of​ 20 cups of​ green tea-all you​ need to​ support even difficult health conditions.

Green tea is​ safe and​ effective. Take 1 to​ 3 capsules of​ green extract every day. it​ is​ better to​ take green tea supplements in​ the morning or​ afternoon​ rather than at​ night. in​ the unlikely event of​ stomach upset, take with food.

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