The Many Benefits Of An Air Mattress

The Many Benefits Of An Air Mattress

We take it​ for​ granted everyday that not everyone can afford or​ can comfortably sleep on​ a​ tradition​ coil spring bed. It’s true. There’s an​ alternative to​ the traditional beds that not many people really know about, or​ automatically assume that it’s not for​ them.

No, I’m not talking about a​ couch.

Instead, I’m talking about the tried and​ true air mattress bed that so many people are now using full time in​ their own homes. Amazing but true, and​ there are many reasons why this​ phenomenon​ is​ happening today.

Cost: It’s simply cheaper to​ purchase an​ air mattress over purchasing a​ traditional box spring coil bed. Whereas a​ traditional bed will sometimes cost between $400-$800, a​ nice modern comfortable air mattress bed, like the ones manufactured by Aerobed cost anywheres from $99 to​ $300. That’s a​ big difference in​ cost!

Comfort: for​ a​ lot of​ people, back aches and​ bed pains are a​ common​ occurrence often attributed to​ a​ traditional coil spring bed. However, some doctors are now recommending patients to​ try sleeping on​ an​ air mattress (adjusted to​ their own liking) to​ help get a​ better nights rest. When you​ can adjust how hard or​ soft the mattress you​ are laying on​ to​ help compensate for​ back pains, the bed has already started paying back dividends on​ your​ own quality of​ life!

Convenience: Yes, very convenient. Built in​ portability, the ability for​ it​ to​ self-inflate using supplied tools, and​ the ease of​ use of​ lending it​ out to​ friends and​ family to​ give someone proper sleeping arrangements all help to​ lend the air mattress a​ rating of​ high convenience. Traditional box springs fall flat in​ all these categories. Although some people may like the traditional bed, more and​ more people are jumping on​ board and​ going to​ sleep on​ air.

What about you? Will you​ take the leap and​ sleep on​ air?

The Many Benefits Of An Air Mattress

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