The Main Benefits Of Endermologie

Cellulite. Those trapped pockets of​ fat near the surface of​ the skin​ that make your​ skin​ look bumpy and​ puckered. Unappealing to​ most, it​ appears in​ problematic areas such as​ the upper thighs, buttocks, and​ stomach where many fibrous bands exist to​ trap fat. Since these areas are slow to​ react to​ the benefits of​ exercise, once cellulite appears, it​ is​ often difficult and​ impossible for​ those affected to​ eliminate it. Unfortunately, it​ is​ a​ common​ occurrence in​ women even if​ they do exercise on​ a​ regular basis.

Several creams and​ pills flood the market boasting their curative properties fighting cellulite, but most are only very temporary solutions to​ a​ permanent problem. Other treatment methods with longer lasting results can be acquired from cosmetic procedures involving invasive surgery, such as​ liposuction. However, these are not viable options for​ those unwilling to​ go under the knife for​ the sake of​ their vanity.

Is there no remedy to​ “Orange Peel” or​ “Cottage Cheese” skin, then?

of​ course not! in​ treatments that are about 40 minutes in​ length, Endermologie® reduces or​ eliminates cellulite with long lasting results in​ a​ non-invasive cosmetic procedure that is​ not surgical. it​ is​ also less expensive than liposuction.

Using a​ hand​ held device with motorized rollers and​ controlled suction, the targeted areas are massaged deeply to​ stretch fibers that are attached to​ fat, stimulate blood circulation​ and​ lymphatic drainage while the patient wears a​ body stocking. Toxins are released, allowing for​ the reduction​ of​ cellulite in​ a​ painless procedure. this​ unique device has been approved by the American Food and​ Drug Administration​ (FDA), and​ has been researched and​ tested throughout the years.

Endermologie® is​ not only for​ cellulite, though. it​ can be used for​ those suffering from poor blood circulation, muscular pains, and​ to​ exfoliate the skin​ to​ smoothen it. in​ fact, the procedure was originally invented over three decades ago in​ France for​ the purposes of​ acting as​ rehabilitative treatment for​ damaged muscular tissue, burns and​ scars. The reduction​ of​ cellulite was simply a​ side effect to​ the procedure, and​ was first used in​ the United States a​ decade ago for​ this​ purpose.

Usually, a​ few treatments are required before the appearance of​ cellulite is​ reduced or​ eliminated. it​ can begin​ with two procedures per week then gradually, as​ the results become apparent, follow up treatments are scheduled once per month. Those who have been treated with Endermologie® should continue to​ exercise and​ diet accordingly to​ maintain​ its effects.

To find out more about Endermologie® and​ to​ see if​ it​ is​ the right treatment for​ you, please visit your​ physician and​ cosmetic surgeon.

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