The Magicians Wand SEO Technique

The Magicians Wand SEO Technique

I know most of​ you​ will be surprised to​ read the​ title of​ this article. Actually this is​ what search engine optimization is​ all about. There are a​ few points which every search engine optimization engineer should remember. Going through this will not only get you​ a​ better SERP's ranking but also will increase your Google PR.

1. the​ more your websites content is​ unique the​ more chances are that it​ will rank at​ the​ top. So place your website content with some unbelivable words like for example - thought provoking content.

2. Many people do submit articles to​ various sites and think there job is​ over. But if​ you​ really want your article to​ make headlines,​ you​ should make it​ as​ unique as​ possible like the​ title above which is​ "The Magician's Wand SEO Technique". So now you​ know what this technique means.

3. Getting Linkbacks: Most SEO's think the​ more the​ linkbacks the​ better the​ PR and SERP's which is​ one of​ the​ most biggest rumours going around in​ the​ world of​ SEO. Concentrate more on​ Anchor Text: Anchor Text means the​ title of​ your LinkBack. Eg. if​ I give a​ link to​ from an​ article or​ a​ website,​ it​ will not be of​ as​ much of​ value against a​ Linkback which is​ like this Latur City . This is​ a​ very important thing while you​ buy paid links.

4. Don't place common anchor text on​ hundred's and thousands of​ sites as​ these can be identified by Search engines as​ link spam or​ a​ Black hat technique. Instead,​ work on​ the​ Magician's Wand Technique of​ Search Engine Optimization.

5. Avoid Link Farms: Avoid sites which offer thousands of​ links instantly by placing a​ folder on​ your site. This is​ one of​ the​ worst methods of​ getting linkbacks. While submitting to​ directories,​ have a​ close look at​ the​ PR and the​ quality of​ the​ backlink.

6. Make use of​ all tags in​ your pages like title,​ description,​ keywords,​ header 1,​ header 2,​ alt of​ images by focusing on​ 10 main keywords for optimization.

7. Install a​ sitemap script for your website if​ it​ has thousands of​ pages and set a​ cron to​ update it​ daily if​ you​ wish search engine's to​ crawl your site regualarly. you​ can find many such scripts on​ the​ internet today.

8. Sumbit to​ as​ many quality directories,​ article sites and Press Releases as​ possible. While doing so the​ most important factor to​ remember is​ that all these should have a​ unique content and anchor text. as​ this is​ what I am using for several years successfully and which I am promoting as​ "The Magician's Wand SEO Technique".

So do try out these tips and give your comments on​ this article.

The Magicians Wand SEO Technique

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