The Magic Of Weight Loss

The Magic Of Weight Loss

"The 'Magic' of​ Weight Loss."

There are almost as​ many weight loss products at​ this point as​ there are stars in​ the​ heavens. But is​ that fast weight loss that they promise really guaranteed? Can these products live up to​ the​ promise of​ a​ healthy,​ fit body?

In the​ US today,​ an​ estimated 50 million people try to​ lose weight annually,​ but unfortunately only about 5% are successful. the​ promise of​ a​ "magical way" to​ lose weight is​ too enticing for some and the​ result is​ plenty of​ money spent on​ products with little result. Some of​ the​ more bizzare methods have included magnetic diet pills,​ guar gum,​ electrical muscle stimulators and eyeglasses that suppress appetite by projecting images on​ the​ retina!

Here are some of​ the​ examples of​ weight loss products on​ the​ market today:

- Herbalife Program. Dieters rely on​ shakes with two meals per day and herbal supplements. the​ diet is​ not sustainable as​ normal healthly eating patterns are not incorporated into the​ diet.
- Nestle's Sweet Success. Recommended to​ take three times per day. the​ inital quick weight loss is​ difficult to​ maintain once the​ product is​ stopped.
- Ultra Slim Fast. a​ diet drink or​ powder to​ mix with beverages that is​ a​ meal substitute. Once again,​ good eating habits are not taught nor maintained. Weight loss is​ usually regained after stopping the​ drinks.
- Diet pills containing Ephedra and/or PPA (phenylproanolamine hydrochloride). These products have been proven to​ raise blood pressure and heart rate with even one dose. Many body builders have made the​ mistake of​ taking these products just before working out and the​ results have ranged from heart palpitations to​ hypertensive crisis (dangerous blood pressure levels).
- Chitosan products. These contain fibers from shellfish and can cause diarrhea and gas. Once again if​ a​ healthy diet is​ not in​ place,​ with exercise,​ these pills have little effect.
- Chromium supplements. Claims have ranged from lowering blood sugar levels and body fat but in​ reality the​ doses that could cause this are too high to​ be tolerated. Those doses have the​ potential for anemia and most studies have shown minimal or​ no beneficial effects.
- Green Tea Extract. This is​ a​ well known anti-oxidant which in​ sufficient quantities could benefit the​ immune system,​ but there is​ no evidence that it​ could cause significant weight loss.
- St. John's Wort. a​ mild anti-depressant that has known interactions with many medications and several foods such as​ preserved cheeses and tyramine. Therefore,​ it​ is​ difficult to​ work into a​ healthy diet regimen.
- Xenical. Proven in​ clinical trials and FDA approved for weight loss. This product binds to​ fat in​ the​ gastrointestinal system but may result in​ bloating and gas. it​ tends to​ work best when worked into a​ sensible diet and exercise program.

Well,​ that covers some of​ the​ more popular products. the​ final verdict is​ that no matter how much "magic" you are looking for,​ there just isn't any. it​ took awhile to​ gain the​ weight after all,​ and it​ will take some time to​ lose it. You will still have to​ heat fewer calories than you burn on​ a​ daily basis. if​ you do decide to​ choose a​ particular weight loss product or​ program,​ be sure to​ research it​ thoroughly first.

The Magic Of Weight Loss

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