The Logical Approach To Losing Weight

Are you looking into the​ different ways that can help you to​ lose weight? Have you tried a​ number of​ different diets in​ the​ past but still find yourself being overweight? Are you fed up with being fat? Do you yearn the​ day when you can buy the​ type of​ clothes that you really want? if​ you have answered yes to​ any of​ these questions then this article could well prove to​ be of​ benefit to​ you.

I am somebody who until a​ few years ago would have answered yes to​ all of​ the​ above questions. I had tried many forms of​ diet,​ I would buy clothes that suited my size rather than the​ clothes I actually wanted to​ wear. I was without doubt fed up with being fat and was desperate to​ find a​ way of​ losing weight which would last.

In my opinion the​ answer to​ all of​ weight problems was quite simple. I do not need any fancy diet,​ what I needed to​ do was to​ think in​ a​ logical way. I first of​ all had to​ ask myself a​ number of​ questions:

Question. Why are you overweight?

Answer: I eat far too much food and drink far too much alcohol. the​ food that I do eat is​ basically fat food such as​ crisps,​ chocolate,​ takeaways and microwave food. I also do very little exercise,​ therefore I do not give my body a​ chance to​ burn off some of​ this fat. I tend to​ rarely walk anywhere,​ I prefer to​ drive.

Question. Why have you been unsuccessful with your past dieting attempts?

Answer: I did not really follow the​ program. I may have done for the​ short term but certainly did not over the​ longer term. I also gave into temptations by eating food types which I was not really supposed to.

Question. How much do you want to​ lose this excess weight?

Answer. a​ huge amount.

Question. So why do you not follow the​ dieting programs to​ the​ letter?

Answer. I am weak,​ I suppose.

As you can see,​ the​ answers to​ my weight issues are in​ the​ answers to​ these questions. Quite simply I need to:

Be more disciplined

Be more determined

Be stronger

Walk and exercise a​ lot more

Eat in​ a​ much more healthy way

Cut down my intake of​ alcohol

Stick to​ the​ above for the​ long term

A couple of​ years ago I started to​ implement my new logical form of​ diet and I am happy to​ report that I am now at​ a​ size that I am happy with.

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