The Keys To Healthy Weight Loss And Wellness

The Keys To Healthy Weight Loss And Wellness


KEY #1 Eat lots of​ Organic Vegetables and Fruits!
Veggies and fruits are low in​ calories,​ provide filling fiber,​ vitamins and minerals,​ and protect your health in​ many ways. Organic produce has superior nutrition without the​ insecticides and poisons found in​ ordinary produce. Eat as​ much of​ your produce raw as​ you can. Cooked or​ frozen is​ acceptable,​ but stay away from canned. Naturally fermented (lacto-fermented) vegetables,​ such as​ sauerkraut and kimchee,​ are very good for you as​ well.

KEY #2 Eat Meat and Animal Products.
There are vital nutrients found in​ animal foods that cannot be found elsewhere. Meat,​ fish,​ eggs,​ cheese,​ and milk are important staples in​ our diet. And their protein is​ important for preserving and building lean tissue – the​ muscle that burns calories!

KEY #3 Eat Whole Grains-- Properly Prepared.
Grains should be soaked,​ sprouted,​ or​ fermented to​ be digestible for most people. Whole grain products that have not been properly prepared can cause mineral deficiencies and intestinal problems.

KEY #4 Add Raw Milk Products to​ Your Diet.
Raw (unprocessed,​ unhomogenized,​ unpasturized) whole milk from grass fed cows is​ what the​ body needs (adults and children). it​ will boost your intake of​ calcium and other nutrients,​ and help your body shed unwanted fat with the​ CLA found in​ it. See for more information.

KEY #5 Eat lots of​ "Good" Fats
The omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids in​ butter,​ some fish (especially cod liver oil) coconut and palm oil and nuts are vital to​ health. Saturated fat,​ despite what you probably heard,​ will help you lose weight,​ does not cause heart disease,​ and is​ actually something the​ body needs for healthy functioning.


KEY #6 Cut Out “Junk” Carbs-- Sugar and White Flour.
They sabotage your healthy diet in​ all but the​ smallest amounts. Use soaked whole grain flours and small amounts of​ natural sugars such as​ raw honey and organic maple syrup. Stay away from corn syrup-- it​ is​ worse than sugar.

KEY #7 Greatly Reduce “Junk” and “Bad” Fats
Trans fats and processed oils (most of​ the​ oil you will find in​ the​ grocery store for cooking) are not only high in​ calories,​ but are loaded with harmful fatty acids that contribute to​ disease and obesity. Use butter and coconut oil for cooking,​ and other healthy oils like flax and olive oil raw for salads.

KEY #8 Stay Away From Modern Soy Foods.
Soy is​ not a​ meat replacement and can block mineral absorption,​ inhibit protein digestion,​ depress thyroid function and contains potent carcinogens. Traditional soy foods are fine,​ if​ taken in​ small amounts and properly fermented,​ like in​ soy sauce,​ miso and tempeh. Avoid all products with soy proteins and isolates added to​ them. Do not give infants soy formula!

KEY #9 Avoid Processed Food.
Canned and processed produce,​ boxed meals,​ processed meat and cheese,​ protein powers and powered milk contain toxins and things that keep you fat-- such as​ MSG,​ rancid fats and cholesterol,​ hydrogenated oils and trans-fat,​ white sugar,​ and white flour,​ not to​ mention all the​ added colors,​ preservatives and artificial vitamins. Use unrefined sea salt and herbs to​ season your food instead of​ refined salt and MSG.

KEY #10 Reduce or​ Eliminate Processed Alcohol.
Processed alcohol consumption tends to​ cause weight gain. Traditional homemade fermented unpasturized beverages,​ low in​ alcohol,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ are good for you in​ moderation.


KEY #11 Cut Down on​ Food Gently
Extreme and sudden dieting causes your body to​ conserve,​ not burn calories. See "Report."

KEY #12 Eat Snacks,​ Not Meals
More frequent,​ smaller healthy snacks are burned for energy,​ not stored as​ fat.

KEY #13 Stop Counting Calories
It isn't the​ calories that make you fat,​ it​ is​ what foods you eat-- like sugar,​ white flour,​ processed foods and bad oils!


KEY #14 Eat Earlier,​ Not Later
Skipping breakfast makes it​ difficult later in​ the​ day to​ control your appetite.

You must exercise to​ build lean tissue that burns fat! Gradually boost exercise frequency and intensity for even greater effects.

KEY #16 Reduce Stress
Stress increases hunger and promotes weight gain.

KEY #17 Get Daily Sunshine and Plenty of​ Sleep
Sunshine produces Vitamin D,​ which helps in​ fat loss,​ while sleep is​ necessary for rejuvenation and carbohydrate metabolism.

KEY #18 Lead a​ Healthy,​ Active Life
Good habits and small steps can set you on​ the​ right path to​ a​ healthy and fit lifestyle.

KEY #19 Be a​ Positive Person
Think positive thoughts and practice forgiveness.

KEY #20 You are in​ Charge of​ Your Own Health
It is​ your job to​ take responsibility for your health—it is​ not the​ job of​ your spouse,​ your family,​ your doctor,​ or​ your cook. Educate yourself and practice discipline. Share what you learn with others.

This was taken in​ part from “16 Keys to​ a​ Healthy and Fit Lifestyle” by Nexagen ( and modified by Dianne Ronnow,​ author and Independent Distributor for Nexagen. They are headed in​ the​ right direction,​ but I modified them a​ little by the​ proven healthy living principals of​ the​ Weston A. Price Foundation (

Sometimes we​ just need a​ little help to​ live a​ healthy lifestyle. Something to​ jump-start the​ metabolism,​ give us energy and start the​ fat burning and muscle building. if​ that is​ you,​ check out the​ great Jen Fe Fat Loss Diet Patches from Nexagen. They are proven safe and they really work!

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