The Inward Vs The Outward Influences Of Weight Loss

Why does losing weight have to​ be so stressful? Why is​ it​ so hard?

There are many factors. it​ would be presumptuous to​ say that losing weight was easy. it​ certainly isn’t! a​ person who has to​ lose then pounds finds it​ just a​ hard and frustrating as​ the​ person who has to​ lose over a​ hundred pounds. Although the​ number of​ pounds appear as​ a​ vast difference between the​ ten-pound loser and the​ hundred-pound loser,​ the​ truth is​ the​ same frustrations are experienced.

I propose that we​ recognize the​ two major influences we​ have to​ “learn to​ discern” if​ we​ want to​ achieve our weight-loss goals.

To me,​ the​ two major influences are the​ “outward” influences and the​ “inward” influences. an​ outward influence is​ anything out in​ the​ touchable,​ three-dimensional real world like food,​ scales,​ mirrors,​ people,​ clothes,​ and so forth. the​ inward influences are things that go on​ in​ your heart,​ your desires,​ your thoughts,​ and eventually your actions. Both outward and inward influences play their own roles in​ losing weight. the​ key is​ to​ learn how to​ pay more attention to​ the​ good inward influence that will help you lose weight.

Below are some outward influences and how they affect your weigh-loss progress:

The scale: reinforces your success or​ failure every time you step on​ it. Lower numbers on​ the​ scale indicate you’ve lost some weight,​ but never enough according to​ your expectations. Higher numbers on​ the​ scale indicate you must have done something wrong. it​ doesn’t account for water-weight,​ bloat/swelling,​ muscle mass,​ etc.

the​ mirror: serves as​ our “critique meter”,​ or​ something that reflects how the​ world views us,​ therefore,​ we​ must view ourselves that way too.

The refrigerator and cupboards: reminders of​ the​ “NO” ZONES in​ our homes.

People: when they know you are losing weight,​ they want a​ report on​ your progress.

Physical body fatigue: dietary changes,​ exercise,​ or​ worrying sets in​ and you become irritable or​ sad at​ times.

Food: new eating habits and healthier snack foods interfere with what you’ve formerly known as​ “normal”,​ and the​ new routines are difficult to​ incorporate.

Calendars: timeframes you’ve set to​ achieve your weight-loss goals is​ nearing its end,​ and you are scared that you’ll be a​ failure “again”.

Menus: proper food selection seems like a​ CHORE,​ and eating just isn’t pleasurable anymore because you know the​ caloric count,​ grams of​ sugar,​ grams of​ protein,​ and grams of​ fat of​ everything you put into your mouth.

Clothes: as​ you lose the​ pounds,​ clothing begins to​ sag on​ you a​ bit,​ and this can make you look even worse. Having to​ spend money on​ new clothes can be depressing if​ it’s not part of​ a​ current budget.

Experts: they have all kinds of​ suggestions on​ losing weight,​ and they can’t wait for you to​ listen to​ them.

This above list could go on​ and on​ based on​ how deeply you wanted to​ analyze this issue. But as​ you can see from this shortened version,​ all of​ the​ “outside” influences make us feel the​ stresses of​ losing weight.

The inward influences I would like to​ address are those influences that some would label as​ “self-talk”,​ or​ rather “self-affirmations” that either tell us we’re okay or​ not okay in​ the​ world as​ we​ know it. It’s that inner voice that all of​ us have that directs us to​ thinning,​ then inevitably directs us to​ act according to​ our thinking. Actions begin with thoughts,​ and thoughts begin with desires. And desires begin with what we​ want deep within our heart. Sounds complicated and poetic,​ I admit; but it​ is​ so worth the​ effort to​ take some time and figure out how you can make your heart speak its desires,​ which will prompt the​ thoughts,​ that will then lead to​ actions.

The inward influences are working well for you UNTIL you step on​ the​ scale or​ look in​ the​ mirror. Then what happens? You’ve allowed the​ outward influences to​ monitor your progress,​ and the​ outward influences want to​ override all of​ those positive inward influences. You begin to​ mock all of​ your hard work you’re doing,​ find disappointments,​ identify shortcomings,​ and generally debase any accomplishments you achieved. You’ll do this for one pound lost or​ for one hundred pounds lost. Why? Because you’re allowing the​ outward influences to​ take over the​ inward influences.

How do you make the​ inward influences rank higher than the​ outward influences? This is​ the​ trick…
WORK at​ it​ and remember it’s TWO to​ ONE!

As you hear the​ “devil on​ your shoulder” (the outward influences) toss around insults,​ doubts,​ and negative remarks,​ turn your head to​ the​ “angel on​ your shoulder” (the inward influences) that tells you that you are doing fabulous,​ you’re making progress,​ you’ve worked so hard,​ you’re improving every day,​ and you’re going to​ make it.

For every negative comment,​ strike back with two positive comments. if​ you do this,​ you’ll always stay one step ahead of​ the​ negative,​ which just might be enough to​ keep you moving forward toward the​ prize. the​ minute you DON’T strike back,​ the​ outward influences gain one-up on​ you,​ then two-up,​ then soon become ten-up… just like a​ board game and your game piece is​ falling behind on​ the​ squares. if​ you find yourself too far behind on​ the​ squares,​ you will become more discouraged and then quit the​ game all together. Like a​ kid who says,​ “well,​ I sure can’t win now”,​ leaves the​ game and pouts on​ his way home.

The outward influences must be part of​ the​ process,​ unfortunately. This is​ the​ monitoring,​ our measuring stick that proves we​ are doing the​ right things.

The body doesn’t understand this at​ all. the​ body is​ a​ grand machine that is​ constantly busy with checks and balances,​ making sure al systems are GO,​ that all operations are functioning to​ their best capabilities. it​ doesn’t have time for “feelings.” it​ only does its functional responsibilities accordingly. So you cannot count on​ the​ body to​ understand any inward influences or​ outward influences such as​ I’ve mentioned. it​ is​ only concerned about body functions and getting things done.

So work VERY hard at​ paying more attention to​ the​ inward influences. But remember that you have to​ put the​ inward influences in​ there before you can actually use them. Like putting gas in​ the​ car to​ make it​ go,​ you must put the​ good inward influences in​ to​ make them available when you need to​ call upon them.

Here are some great inward influences or​ “angel tones” you can put into your mind today that will help you achieve:

I am doing WELL,​ considering this isn’t easy!
I am making progress!
I haven’t lost yet,​ but I haven’t gained either!
I still need to​ lose XX pounds,​ but look what I’ve done so far!
I didn’t eat one bad snack today!
I got in​ all of​ my fluids today!
I still can get my fluids in​ today before bedtime!
I got all of​ my protein in​ today!
I can squeeze more protein in​ today if​ I try!
I like the​ fact that It’s getting easier to​ walk up the​ stairs!
I like the​ fact that I can stoop over and pick that up off the​ floor!
I like the​ fact that I can say NO to​ that cookie!

This gives you a​ START TODAY to​ begin to​ put more inward influences inside so you can battle the​ outward influences with more power! Keep in​ mind that you must do TWO inwards for every ONE outward. Stay AHEAD of​ the​ game,​ and you won’t go home a​ quitter!

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