The Internet Business Revolution Is Picking Up Pace

The internet has transformed the​ way many people do business. Twenty years ago the​ internet did not even exist and now if​ your high speed broadband connection is​ down you​ feel unconnected to​ the​ world,​ as​ if​ something is​ not complete in​ your life.

All big businesses now need to​ have a​ web presence not only to​ market their products but also to​ create brand awareness. Distance no longer matters in​ many types of​ businesses. the​ world is​ your oyster but this also leads to​ more competition as​ somebody overseas can provide the​ same service but at​ a​ potentially lower price.

Communication is​ so quick and easy on​ the​ web that great new products spread like wildfire as​ people blog and chat about them on​ online forums.

Buyers have more power now to​ compare prices before they shop in​ their high street shops. Many do their ordering online and avoid the​ retail outlets completely. I always check online prices before making a​ decision where to​ buy.

Lead times are getting shorter as​ big companies fight to​ deliver your order within a​ couple of​ day for today's just in​ time society.

All the​ major manufacturers and retailers conduct business on​ the​ web. Some huge companies like Dell only sell their computers through their website. They have abandoned the​ normal retail channels completely.

Recently,​ in​ the​ last thirty days I have purchased a​ new mobile phone (next day delivery),​ a​ new computer (delivery within 4 days built to​ my specification) and purchased some airplane tickets (delivery instantly via email).

Did you​ know that the​ largest online retailer in​ the​ UK is​ Tesco?

Social networking sites are all the​ rage now. People no longer need to​ leave their home to​ interact with family and friends. Not only are they keeping in​ touch with people close to​ their hearts they are also building relationships which are just as​ strong as​ people they meet in​ real life.

So whether it's employment,​ business or​ socializing - the​ internet is​ here to​ stay.

The real internet explosion is​ happening now - not ten years ago as​ most of​ the​ pundits had predicted. Many people assume that everything that could have been created has been made and that the​ opportunity to​ exploit and do business on​ the​ web is​ now over.

Far from it! Over the​ next twenty years we are going to​ see new giants emerging… companies that have not even been born yet. This is​ the​ fastest moving medium and also offers the​ most opportunity to​ young entrepreneurs.

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