The Infection Parvo Virus To The Dog

The Infection Parvo Virus To The Dog

All the​ dog races could be attacked by this virus especially for the​ Rottweiler race,​ Dobermann,​ Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever. the​ sign of​ the​ Parvo illness that most specific was to​ vomit and diarrhoea was bloody that happened repeatedly. the​ other sign was tired,​ did not want to​ eat and the​ fever. When vomiting and diarrhoea took place continued then the​ dog will got dehydration and lost the​ weight without the​ existence of​ the​ exact control then the​ puppy could not survive. the​ diagnosis Parvo the​ Virus could be carried out by seeing his clinical sign,​ or​ that more modern was with used kit diagnostics parvo with sample from dog feses.

this was several tips that could be done to​ prevent the​ infection Parvo the​ Virus:

-the Mother of​ the​ dog before being mounted must be equipped by his vaccination,​ so that the​ young dog got maternal immunity that enough of​ his parent mother's milk.

-the Environment of​ the​ dog residence must be always maintained by his cleanliness.

-need attention fot Nutrition and the​ nutrient for the​ puppy to​ increase his body resistance.

-the young dog was 3 months old better not contact with the​ other dog that not yet clear the​ status of​ his health.

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