The Importance Of Email Marketing Metrics

The Importance Of Email Marketing Metrics

One of​ the​ great benefits of​ email marketing is​ that it​ delivers measurable metrics. to​ run a​ successful email marketing campaign,​ you​ need to​ monitor and understand email statistics such as​ Open Rate,​ Click-Through Rate (CTR),​ Bounce Back rate etc. Understanding these metrics will allow you​ to​ improve your email marketing campaign and achieve better results.

1. Basic Email Metrics you​ should evaluate in​ each email campaign:

Open Rate – that is​ the​ total number of​ emails opened (in HTML format) divided by total emails delivered/distributed.

Click-Thru Rate (CTR) – calculated as​ the​ number of​ unique clicks on​ links in​ the​ email divided by the​ number of​ emails opened. it​ basically means how many people interacted with your email.

Bounce Rate – represents the​ total number of​ emails that were not delivered and bounced back. There are several reason why the​ email was rejected such as​ the​ email address is​ no longer valid,​ a​ server filtered the​ email out,​ or​ the​ recipient’s mailbox was full and over quota.

Based on​ your unique email marketing campaigns objectives,​ you​ can measure more advanced statistics such as:

- Number of​ Emails Open based on​ Region/Country
- Number of​ Click-Thru based on​ Region/Country
- Number of​ Sales based on​ Region/Country/referring URL
- Conversion (Click to​ Sales) Rate
- Total Revenue per campaign
- Return on​ Investment (ROI) per campaign

2. What metrics you​ should focus on?

Well,​ this really depends on​ your campaigns objectives. Open rate is​ a​ very important indicator to​ some extent however to​ get a​ better picture of​ your campaign performance,​ it​ should be analyzed in​ combination with other metrics - such as​ click through rate (CTR) and click to​ action rate (conversion rate).

Why is​ that? Because CTR and conversion rate are able to​ tell you​ how many recipients took an​ action you​ wanted them to​ take,​ such as​ purchased your product,​ signed up to​ your newsletter,​ downloaded the​ whitepaper etc. Whereas the​ open rate will only tell you​ how many people read your email. So in​ order to​ measure the​ effectiveness of​ your message,​ you​ need to​ go beyond the​ open rate down to​ the​ action level.

3. How to​ boost the​ Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

Savvy email marketers not only want to​ get the​ email opened and read but also want to​ know how many people clicked through (measured by CTR) and they want this number to​ be as​ high as​ possible. There are few key points in​ each email you​ should review because they critically influence the​ open rate and CTR. Those are:

Subject Line and Greeting:
Make you​ subject line attractive. Subject line is​ one of​ the​ most important factors that may affect your email campaign results. However,​ please do not over "optimize" your subject line otherwise it​ may look like spam email and the​ client could delete it​ without opening it. Keep the​ subject line short and specific,​ and if​ possible address the​ subscriber by his/her name.

Compelling Offer:

It should be obvious from the​ first paragraph what you​ offer as​ well as​ why the​ offer is​ important to​ the​ recipient and how he/she can benefit from it. the​ first paragraph should grab the​ attention so don't write it​ too long. Include your offer on​ top of​ your email and make your offer attractive to​ the​ recipient (discount and free offers usually make users to​ click).

Always include "call-for-action" button or​ link to​ instruct the​ user to​ click for more details.

Spam issue:
"Spam" issue may affect your successful open rate tremendously. Most of​ the​ ISP and hosting companies have implemented the​ "spam filter" that can filter out suspected spam emails. Please try to​ avoid using any common suspected spam words such as​ "free offer",​ "money",​ "30 day guarantee",​ "free trial".

Message Design and Structure:
Use same colors and images in​ your emails; this will help people recognize your brand. When you​ have a​ lengthy message,​ try to​ include interactive links so people can access more information through your website. Also,​ very few people read the​ email word by word,​ most of​ readers just scanning the​ message to​ quickly find out what's in​ it​ for them. Keep this in​ mind and structure your email - include headings to​ separate the​ message and use bullets so the​ reader can easily see listed features or​ benefits.

Today's readers are busy people and it​ usually takes them just few seconds to​ decide whether to​ read your message or​ delete it. So construct your message carefully and monitor your email statistics to​ find out what works best for your business.

The Importance Of Email Marketing Metrics

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