The Hoodia Plant May Be The Best Gift To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The Hoodia Plant May Be The Best Gift To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Is Hoodia the​ gift you should ask Santa for? it​ is​ the​ holiday season and a​ fun time for celebrating with friends and family. it​ is​ also a​ season that tends to​ wreak havoc on​ our waistline. the​ sugar plum fairies are not so kind when it​ comes to​ helping us with our weight loss goals. This time of​ year brings in​ front us all the​ temptations of​ pumpkin pie,​ cookies,​ mashed potatoes,​ stuffing and other assorted goodies. Grandma’s intentions are good with making sure we​ have every possible food enticement under the​ sun; but she is​ not the​ one who will have to​ live with that extra ten pounds next year.

The gift that could give you the​ most joy this time of​ year could come to​ you direct from South Africa. It’s a​ gift from the​ Bushmen in​ the​ Kalahari Desert to​ the​ people in​ the​ rest of​ the​ world that are trying to​ lose weight. it​ is​ called the​ Hoodia Gordonii Succulent and if​ you haven’t herd of​ it,​ this may be what helps you stay away from those holiday temptations. Hoodia grows in​ the​ South African desert and may look like an​ average cactus but this cactus look alike has amazing effects that no other cactus has; the​ Hoodia plant will stop you from being hungry.

What would it​ be like this Christmas to​ look a​ platter of​ sugar coated munchies and not be effected by them? How about being able to​ eat just what you wanted and not be tempted to​ eat things you know are going pack on​ the​ pounds. Wouldn’t this be the​ best kind of​ treat,​ the​ joy of​ staying the​ same weight after the​ holidays that you were before them? Hoodia has been shown in​ studies to​ reduce caloric intake by 1,​000 calories a​ day for people using it. a​ one thousand calorie reduction in​ ones holiday diet regime is​ a​ major advantage for everyone not wanting to​ gain those extra pounds. Best of​ all Hoodia is​ a​ natural plant and Hoodia has no side effects like other diet pills on​ the​ market. You definitely don’t want to​ be adding the​ extra nervousness that most regular diet pills give you at​ Christmas time,​ this time of​ year can be stressful enough to​ begin with.

If you are trying Hoodia for the​ first time over the​ holidays there are a​ couple things to​ keep in​ mind. First,​ Hoodia sometimes takes a​ few weeks to​ build up in​ your system before you get the​ appetite suppressing benefits from it. So if​ looking for help Christmas time temptations it​ would be best to​ start taking Hoodia around the​ first of​ December or​ sooner. the​ second important factor is​ that you should know that not all Hoodia is​ the​ same. There are some brands that are not as​ effective as​ others due to​ irregularities in​ the​ exportation process form South Africa. You want to​ make sure the​ brand you choose has been tested and certified authentic Hoodia Gordonii.

A recent report that is​ giving some dieters assurance in​ which Hoodia brands they can trust to​ be effective was done by Truth Publishing and Alkemist Pharmaceuticals located at: This study indicated that 11 out of​ 17 Hoodia diet pills they tested failed a​ laboratory analysis of​ authenticity. the​ six Hoodia Brands that passed their testing process are: Desert Burn ZA 750,​ Hoodoba Brand,​ Dr. Wheeler's Afrigetics,​ King Hoodia,​ Ethno Africa and the​ Hoodia Max Brand. Hoodia is​ going to​ allow many people keep the​ weight off over the​ holidays and help with those new years weight loss resolutions. Make sure you are buying real hoodia and you could be one the​ lucky dieters that is​ able to​ say no to​ a​ second glass of​ eggnog and stay with their weight loss program this holiday season. For more information about Hoodia visit

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